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Part I

Summary of children of Charles, Peter and John Grant

Part II

Re Alonzo Grant
Re Theodore Grant
Re Ernest Grant
Re Grants baptised at Calvary Church, 19th century
Re Maria Grant, born Jefferson
Re Milford Grant
Re The Sparling Family
Re female Grants of unknown origin

Part III

Re burial of James Grant
Re Alexander Malcolm Grant
Re Arthur S. Grant and Phoebe Phillips Grant Martell
Re Margaret Sparling
Re Edward Grant
Further to Harry Grant and his descendants
Re Angus Grant
Re Alonzo Grant and Rosie Grant
Re the unidentified "Anna Grant"
Re Mary Ann Dolman
Re Alice Grant, previously unidentified
Re Alexander Grant and descendants
A closing note

Part IV

Re descendants of James Boutilier and Udvilla Grant
Further to descendants of Alonzo Grant
Re Rosie Grant
Further to Alfred Grant
Re descendants of Henry Grant and Susan Stacey
Further to descendants of Alexander Grant
Further to descendants of John Woods and Alice Grant
A mysterious obituary, accidentally found
Susan Alice Grant and the Lewis Connection
Other elements of the Lewis connection
Descendants of Adam Lloyd Bayley and Henrietta Grant
Children of Henry Walter Smith and Alice Mary Grant, and an oddity
Connections with the Moffatt family

Part V

Further to the age of Edward and William
Martha Grant French, rediscovered at last
Margaret Mackenzie Grant (a less than happy ending)
Descendants of Ann Grant, daughter of the pioneer Charles Grant

Part VI

Charles Grant Serendipity strikes again
Parents of Charles Grant and Nancy Gordon a slender clue
Parents of Mary Ann Dolman Grant
Rosie Grant rediscovered at last
Further Descendants of Alonzo Grant
Edward Grant in 1871, and his marriage to Nancy Woodworth
Apparent New Evidence regarding Caroline Grant
A few more details on John Spurr Grant
Some Possible Descendants of George B. Moffatt
Details on a few Moffatt marriages
Death of a descendant of Peter Musgrave and Ann Grant
Further to the Musgrave connection

Part VII

A few further details on Charles Grant
A very early Rudderham connection
Re Jane Grant McConnell Lewis
Re Henry Walter Smith and Aubrey Smith
Alexander Grant, a family skeleton, and some speculation about Edward J. Grant
Further to Alexander Grant, and his brother George Grant
Re Alexander and Milford Grant, sons of John Grant and Maria Jefferson
Further to the Woods Connection
The MacKay (McKay) Connection
Re Doleman Family
A death and a marriage in Illinois
Further descendants of Peter Musgrave and Ann Grant
Discovery of burial site
Deaths of descendants of Alonzo Grant and Udvilla Grant Boutilier, and widow of Layton Woods
Another death in World War II
Service records from World War I
Obituary for a non-descendant


And then there were eight Alexander Grant (son of John and Maria) rediscovered
Losses in early shipwreck
Further to Sarah Ann Woods
A few further notes on Woods family members
Further to Aubrey and Sarah Smith
Matilda Grant
A little more on the family of James Grant
Still further to the McKay connection
One more detail on James Boutilier and Udavilla Grant
More on William Grant and Martha Rankin and their descendants
Death of William Grant, son of Everett Grant
Further descendants of Alexander Grant
Obituary for a descendant of John Grant and Maria Jefferson
Further to descendants of Peter Musgrave and Ann Grant
Re Possible child of Elizabeth Grant and John MacMillan
Re Mary Jane, sister of Margaret MacKenzie (Grant)
Florence Grant
Death of widow of descendant
The Dickson/Dixon Connection(s)
The Logue Connection
The Peters Connection
The Burchell Connection
Some unrelated Grant burials in Greenwood Cemetery

Part IX

The Andrews Connection
The Matheson Connection
Isabell Moffatt Fellows, descendant of Ann Grant Musgrave
The Brown Connection
The Jackson Connection
Another McDonald Connection, another WWI fatality, and a marriage to a Member of Parliament
A MacIntosh Connection
Bessie Grant Fairbrother Musgrave and Eva Fairbrother Musgrave
Further to Hedley Musgrave, Eva Fairbrother, and Forrest Musgrave, Rhodes Scholar
Further to Edna and Annie Musgrave
Further to descendants of Peter Musgrave and Ann Grant
Death of widow of R. J. Logue; other details on Logue family
Family Bible Walter Grant
Children and other descendants of Alonzo Grant
Miscellaneous references from the Presbyterian Witness
Descendant of Theodore Grant
Descendants of Seward Grant
Further to Descendants of Adam Lloyd Bayley and Henrietta Grant
Descendants of John Edmund Lewis and Caroline Grant
Parentage of Alfred Grant and some notes on his descendants
Further Information on members of the Burchell family
Further to the McKay Connection
Death of a descendant of Henry Grant and Susan Stacey
Death of Everett Grant, son of father of same name
Deaths of widows of descendants in Peters family
Deaths of Descendants of James Boutilier and Udvilla Grant
A little more on descendants of John Woods and Alice Grant
The (double) MacLean connection
Further to Helen Rudderham Dickson
The Durning / Durney connection
A home child in the family
Note for the purpose of exclusion Sarah Grant Cann

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