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Part 8

Results of recent research into descendants of Charles Grant in the Sydney - Glace Bay area of Nova Scotia


Douglass L. Grant

And then there were eight: Alexander Grant (son of John and Maria) rediscovered

On 3 December, 2001, amid a flood of routine university correspondence, I received the following e-mail at my office. To say the least, it brightened my week. I will not try to paraphrase the words of Sally Wilkins of Amherst, NH, but quote them in full below. To ensure no confusion, the Alexander Grant to whom she refers as "her mother's great-grandfather" is one of the missing brothers of the five who migrated to Glace Bay and Dominion about a hundred years ago, and of Martha Grant French whom I managed to relocate in Stockton Springs, Maine with the help of Bob Brooks. She has Alexander's parents' names wrong, and mistakenly calls Dr. Kenneth Grant another brother rather than the son of James, but her narrative is fascinating nonetheless. Enjoy!

"Dear Mr. Grant,

"I saw your queries on the Waldo County and Hancock County rootsweb sites. I have only recently begun to explore my family's roots.

"Alexander Grant was my mother's great-grandfather. He and Martha Grant French are both buried in the Sandy Point, Maine cemetery.

"Martha married Charles French (I don't have dates yet but hope to find them) and they lived in the French homestead in Sandy Point. Alexander worked in the cargo trade up and down the Northeast coast. He married a woman whose name was, we think, Mary McNeil or MacNeil. According to family lore he met and married her on a trip to New York City though I have not yet independently confirmed this. He brought her home to live in the French homestead in Sandy Point, where she gave birth to a son, William J. Grant. Some time shortly thereafter two men appeared -- her brothers, who had been searching for her since her marriage, of which her family disapproved (her family were, according to the story, Irish and presumably Catholic, and the couple had been married by a Justice of the Peace). They took her away with them, leaving the red-haired infant to be raised by his father and aunt.

"After finishing grammar school William went to Boston (perhaps to high school, or to be apprenticed), presumably to live with relatives. There he met and married Lillian Wainwright (whose mother was a Minott from Dorchester). After the birth of my grandfather, Charles Chester Grant, they returned to Sandy Point to the family farm. Lillian and Martha did not get along, and eventually Martha removed to a boarding house in Stockton Springs. My mother and aunt remember visiting her there.

"The French/Grant homestead is still standing in Sandy Point, having been moved back from the river when the "new" highway (U.S. 1) was constructed. The cemetery is across the street, between Route 1 and the Penobscot. Last I knew the house was being run as a Bed and Breakfast (my family sold it in the early 1960s). There are numerous Frenches as well as Grants buried in Sandy Point, but Aunt Martha and "Grampa French" are buried under a stone with another name--Wathen, my mother thinks--he was a gentleman who stayed at the farm when Aunt Martha was running it as a boarding house. He wanted to be buried at Sandy Point, and arranged with her to provide a stone if she would see to it that he was buried there. It is an impressive monument. Her details are on the side of the stone.

"Vital records for the family are in Stockton Springs, just up the road on the way to Bucksport. Martha's death certificate contains numerous errors, including the names "John Grant" and "Maria Grifton" as parents, but we think that it's likely the funeral director completed the information (Alexander's are given as "James Grant" and "Mary Jefferson.")

"My mother (Nancy) and her sister (Sally) went to Nova Scotia in search of their ancestors a few years ago. They had believed that the family had come from Glaice Bay, (which is what William's death certificate says) and searched unsuccesfully there, only to learn later from death certificates back in Stockton Springs that Alexander had been born in Sydney (Martha's
death certificate lists "Cape Breton").

"According to the death certificates, Alexander C. Grant was born May 22, 1854 and died April 25, 1938. Martha Grant French was born Sept. 9, 1864 and died April 11, 1949. William J. Grant was born December 18, 1889 and died June 25, 1934 (of peritonitis). William was a cabinetmaker by trade and was also the Postmaster in Sandy Point. After his death his wife, Lillian was Postmistress for many years. Alexander's occupation is listed as "engineer."

"Mother remembers being told that Alexander and Martha had a brother named Kenneth who was a doctor in Sydney. She wasn't aware that there was another brother named William. It seems likely that her grandfather was named for your great-grandfather!

"It's quite exciting to connect with unknown relatives!

"The attached .jpg file is scanned from a stereopticon slide of the French/Grant house in Sandy Point. I do not know the identities of the three people in the photo, but it is very possible that the couple in the foreground are Martha and Charles French.

"your some-degree cousin some-number-of-times removed,
Sally Wilkins
Amherst, NH"

Losses in early shipwreck

Janet Meleney kindly drew my attention to the following quotation from an article by Elva Jackson in the Nova Scotia Historical Review 3:2, regarding the loss of a vessel in August 1838 ..."two brothers of Capt. Charles Musgrave had sailed on the Brig Elizabeth,
with Capt. Peter Musgrave Jr. in command, and his brother Bartholomew C. Musgrave as the first mate. Sailing from Quebec to Jamaica they stopped over in Sydney Harbour for a few days so that they might visit their families before turning south. They never came back. An Arichat ship, sailing with them, reported that in a terrible gale in the Bay of Fundy, 28 August 1838, "the lights of the Elizabeth disappeared and there never was another sign of her." In Part V, it was noted that the Musgrave brothers, sons of Peter Musgrave and Ann Grant, were lost at sea on the date given, but no further details were available at that time. Capt. Charles Musgrave was also lost at sea in 1844, but no details of his death are available at the time of this writing.

Further to Sarah Ann Woods:

Recall from Part III that, in 1871, Sarah Woods, 30, was living with her widowed mother Alice Grant Woods and two younger brothers in Port Morien. A reexamination of the marriage records of Cape Breton County reveals that, on 24 December 1872, Sarah Ann Woods, 32, daughter of John and Alice, married Neil Law'e (Lawrence?) Quist, 40, carpenter, native of Sweden, and son of Laurence and Tilda Quist, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Cow Bay. The only recorded witness was Charles Woods.

On 13 November 1877, Neil Lau'ns Quistt, 46, now described as a widower, married Sarah McPhail, 43, of West Bay in another Presbyterian ceremony at Cow Bay. It is evident that Sarah Ann Woods had died by that time. Neil, Nils or Nelson Quistt, as he was known at various times, married three more times, to Margaret Morrison on 3 August 1881, to Flora McKeegan on 13 January 1893, and to Kate Lewis on 23 May 1895. All the wives were "spinsters" at the time of marriage except Kate Lewis, who was a widow. Records of Black Brook Cemetery indicate that he died on 12 December 1902 at the age of 71. There is no record of burial of any of the women he married.

Birth records of Cape Breton County show that three daughters were born to Neil Lawrence Quistt and Sarah Ann Woods. They were Alice Laura Quistt, born 7 October 1873; Annie Paulina Quistt, born 28 February 1875; and Sarah Johanna Quistt, born 18 March 1876. It is a reasonable conjecture that Sarah Ann Woods died in childbirth with the third daughter.

The 1881 census for Cow Bay shows a family consisting of Nelson Quistt, 49, born Sweden, Baptist, carpenter; Sarah, 47, Presbyterian, Scotch, born NS; Sarah, 12, Baptist; Alice Laura, 7; Anny Poliena, 6; Sarah Johnanna, 5. All the children are described as Swedes. Clearly, the wife in this family is Sarah McPhail. If the age for the older Sarah is correct, her birth predates the marriage of Nils Quistt to Sarah Ann Woods, and, in fact, the immigration of Nils Quistt to Canada. It is possible she was a natural daughter of Sarah McPhail.

The 1891 census for Cow Bay shows Nils Qwistt, widower, age 60, ship's carpenter, living with three daughters: Alice L., 18; Anna, 17; and Sarah J., 15. It would therefore appear that Margaret Morrison had died by this time.

The 1901 census for Cow Bay shows Nelson Quistt, born 21 May 1831 in Sweden, immigrated 1872, Presbyterian, carpenter, living with Kate, born 1 August 1830, age 65 (?), born Nova Scotia. None of the three daughters is living with the couple.

There are no marriages of individuals named Quistt in the index for Cape Breton County other than the five marriages for Nils. However, by great good fortune, a deed executed in 1920 for the sale of the former Quist family home in Port Morien was preserved in the purchaser's family and kindly made available to this researcher by Maureen McNeil. The deed reveals that Alice Laura was the wife of Lyon Defontenay of Brooklyn, New York; Anna P. was the wife of James E. Greensmith of Newton, Massachusetts; and Sarah J. was the wife of Robert M. Otis of Boston. (The deed even preserves the signatures of all six.) The Social Security Death Index reveals that Sarah J. Otis, born 18 March 1876, died in Massachusetts in January of 1963. Research into this line is ongoing.

A few further notes on Woods family members:

Records of Sydney Baptist Church (preserved on an eye-twisting microfiche at the Beaton Institute) indicate that a "Mrs. Woods" was restored to membership in the church on 28 August 1859, but excluded on 5 December 1863. Presumably she returned to the Baptist faith after the death of her husband, whom she had married in a Roman Catholic ceremony in 1835, so the first date probably follows soon after his death. The date of exclusion probably indicates the time of the family's departure from Sydney for Cow Bay.

A headstone has been found in Greenwood Cemetery which indicates that Charles B. Woods died at the age of 74 on 11 January 1925, and that his wife Mary Ellen Blesedell was born 21 October 1854 and died 3 January 1929. Using these dates, an attempt will be made to find obituaries for each, and possible further leads on their descendants.

The adjacent headstone is that of Angus J. McCuish, d. 24 January 1946. He was a native of Albert Bridge, and died at 68. His obituary indicates that he was survived by his wife, and, among others, a sister, Mrs. James Woods of Bridgeport. Combining this information with that from James Woods' obituary from 1952, it is evident that Annie McCuish was his sister, and so Jennie Woods, daughter of Charles and Mary Ellen, was his wife. No children were listed among the survivors.

Records of Warden United Church, New Aberdeen, show that Cecil Wood was born on 1 March 1906 to Thos. J. and Olive Blanche. Clearly, the parents were the son of Charles and Mary Woods, and Olive Currie. In addition, Charles Milford Woods was born to Thomas C. Woods and Gertrude MacPherson on 17 January 1928. It is unclear who were the parents of Thomas C. Woods, although he may have been a son of Thomas J. and Olive Currie. Mary Helen Woods was born to William and Margaret Woods on 1 November 1929. It is likely that William was the son of Charles and Mary Woods born 12 May 1891.

An obituary from the Cape Breton Post of 8 April 1950 indicates that Charles B. Woods, 74, a native of Morien, had died at Glace Bay. He was a member of St. John's Parish. His wife had predeceased him, and he was survived by a sister, Mrs. Bob Kennedy of Glace Bay; sons John and Gerald in Ontario, Pat in Prince Edward Island, and James and Jerome, at home; and daughters Victoria and Mary, both at home. Burial was in the parish cemetery. It is evident that he was the son of John Woods and Elizabeth Keating born in 1876, and that the sister was Agnes, married in 1911.

An obituary from the Chronicle-Herald of 22 August 1998 indicates that Veronica Cecilia Boland, 76, of New Aberdeen, had died on 20 August. Her parents were listed as Charles and Susan (Curry) Woods. It would then appear she is the daughter whose name was given as "Victoria" in the obituary above, although some of the information is inconsistent. She was predeceased by her husband Stephen; sons Darrell and George in infancy; a stepson Stevie; brothers John, Gerald and Pat; and by a sister Ellen. She was reportedly survived by brothers Germaine (Chick) and Alloysious (Bush), both of Kitchener; sister Mary McLean of Halifax; sons Andre, Brian, Elton, and Raymond of Glace Bay, Chris of Ontario and Francie of Calgary; a stepdaughter Vera (Mrs. Billie Conway, New Jersey); 13 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

An obituary in the Chronicle-Herald indicates that Greta Woods, daughter of James and Annie Kate MacCuish Woods, died at age 79 on 14 June 1989. She was born in Glace Bay, was predeceased by her brother Layton, and was buried in Black Brook Cemetery. No survivors were listed, so we may presume that no descendants of James Woods survive.

On a more enigmatic note, I have been advised by Grant Piraine that his grandfather, Thomas MacIntyre, married Mary Elizabeth Woods on 28 April 1936 at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church, Bridgeport. There is a tradition in the MacIntyre family that Mary Elizabeth Woods came from Christmas Island. It was a second marriage for his grandfather, his first wife having died in 1931. The couple had seven children between 1936 and 1942. Records of the baptisms of two of those children have been located, and the mother's name is given as Mary Woods. Mary Elizabeth eventually left her family, went to live with the family of a Hector McNeil who lived nearby in Bridgeport, then moved to Montreal with that family, and died there, still in her thirties, on 1 August 1949. Her body was returned to Sydney for burial, although the grave has not been located. The origins of Mary Elizabeth Woods, however, remain unclear. It is possible that she was the daughter of one of the descendants of John Woods and Alice Grant, and her birth record has yet to be discovered. However, it has been strongly suggested by another researcher, Kathy Hains, that she was the daughter of Thomas Woods and Margaret Horrocks, immigrants to the Northside from England, who renewed their marriage vows at Immaculate Conception Church in Sydney Mines in 1911, and so would be unrelated to Alice Grant. Research into this question is ongoing.

Further to Aubrey and Sarah Smith:

Records of Victoria Methodist (later United) Church reveal that two sons were born to Aubrey Smith and Sarah Rudderham: Aubery Lewis, born 18 November 1909 and baptised 1 February 1910, and Henry Garfield, born 11 March 1911, baptised 23 June. [The name of the first son disagrees with the obituary cited in Part VI.] The death of Aubrey C. Smith, 41, born Ingonish, is confirmed as having taken place 22 February 1920. However, the page giving cause of death is missing from the records. On 17 August 1927, his widow, Sadie Smith, then 40, parents Geo. Lewis and Elsie Rudderham, married William Brown Davis, 39, widower, of Port Hawkesbury, son of Joseph Davis and Caroline Oliver.

Matilda Grant:

According to Elva Jackson's card file, Matilda Grant was a daughter of John H. Grant and Margaret Ann Moore and was born in 1846. Since Margaret Ann died in 1847, Matilda was most likely the youngest child of that couple. She appeared in the 1871 census, aged 24, living in Ball's Creek with her brother John and his family. Beside her name appears the cryptic notation "to be corrected"; it is not evident that any correction was ever made, but this suggests that her residence there was apparently not viewed as regular or permanent. Thanks to Toby Hurley, the same kind lady who located Alexander Grant and his family in Springfield, Massachusetts, Matilda has been located in the 1880 US census, living in Boston with George and Ellen Hammond and employed as a servant. Her birthplace is given as Nova Scotia, and her age as 33. George Hammond's occupation is given as "paper manufacturer", and it appears the family was quite prosperous, as there were two other servants. Elva indicates that Matilda never married, and died in 1927. Further details are being sought.

A little more on the family of James Grant:

Records of Knox United Church indicate that the following children of James Grant and Dollena Morrison were baptised on 14 September 1906: Neil, b. 16 September 1897; Mary Catherine, b. 6 February 1900; and Kenneth Milford, b. 4 March 1903. In addition, Ernest Grant, son of James by his first marriage, was baptised approximately 4 August 1910.

Recall from Part II that James Ernest Grant was the son of James Grant, born 19 April 1892, d.
11 January 1934 at Kentville. His obituary mentioned that his wife had died over a year before. Records of Knox United (formerly Presbyterian) Church, Glace Bay, indicate that Ernest Grant married Margaret McPherson on 25 May 1918. Records of the same church indicate that Mrs. Ernest Grant died 21 April 1932 at age 35, and that her funeral was held from Chalmers United Church, Dominion. Research into her parentage is ongoing.

And a little more on descendants of Alonzo Grant:

Recall from Part VI that Reta Victoria Grant, daughter of Alonzo Grant, married Donald Gilholme MacLeod. Records of Knox United Church, Glace Bay, indicate that Katherine Christina MacLeod, daughter of this couple, was born 16 May 1958 and baptised at that church. The couple resided at 16 Pitt St., Glace Bay.

Still further to the McKay connection:

Records of St. Mary's Anglican Church, Glace Bay, mention several children born to the children of William McKay and Anna Grant. In some cases, this information is at variance with what appears in Part VII and on Joe Petrie's website. This gives strong evidence that most of this family settled in Dominion and Gardiner Mines.

Children of Lawrence McKay and Sarah Boutelier:
1. Charlotte Victoria McKay, b. 29 October 1899, Dominion No. 1, c. 7 December
2. George Murray McKay, b. 6 August 1901, Dominion No. 1, c. 7 November [family below]
3. Louis Bernard McKay, b. 11 May 1902, Dominion No. 1, c. 30 October 1903
4. Annie Florence McKay, b. 6 January 1905, Dominion No. 1, c. 2 March
[Recall that Sarah is known to have remarried in 1919.]

Children of John Thomas Boutilier and Annie Laura McKay:
1. Louisa Boutilier, b. 9 July 1897, Gardiner Mines, c. 30 September
2. Charles Roland Boutilier, b. 25 June 1901, Gardiner Mines, c. 17 March 1901 [Either the dates are reversed, or this birth was in 1900.]
3. Amelia Irene Boutilier, b. 17 June 1902, Gardiner Mines, c. 25 February 1903
4. John Boutilier, b. 5 March 1904, Gardiner Mines, c. 12 March
5. William Robert Boutilier, b. 26 November 1905, Gardiner Mines, c. 29 December [see below]
[Recall that Annie Laura died in 1906, according to Joe Petrie's website.]

Children of Charles McKay and Susan Boutilier:
1. Annie Laura McKay, b. 2 April 1898, Gardiner Mines, c. 21 June
2. Sarah Rosella McKay, b. 1 April 1902, Dominion, c. 2 May
3. Francis Gilbert McKay, b. 10 February 1904, Dominion, c. 10 April [see below]
4. Charlotte Matilda McKay, b. 12 January 1906, Dominion, c. 6 February
[In every case, the father is referred to as Charles Henry McKay.]

Children of Pryce McKay and Sarah Wadden:
1. Viola Matilda McKay, b. 22 April 1904, Dominion, c. 13 June
2. Pearl Elizabeth McKay, b. 12 November 1905, Gardiner Mines, c. 29 December
[In the second case, the parents are referred to as Lloyd Pryce and Sadie.]

In addition, on 5 April 1927, Ruth Vivian McKay was baptised, the daughter of Gilbert and Jessie McKay of Dominion No. 1. The father was a miner. The date of birth was 30 June 1926. It is possible that the father is Francis Gilbert McKay, son of Charles and Susan, given above.

Among the burials recorded is that of Henrietta McKay, aged 2 years and 5 months, of Dominion. She died on 20 February 1903, and her burial was in the "Cemetery", presumably the parish cemetery. While no baptism appears in the records for this child, she can be confidently identified from the 1901 census as the daughter of Charles McKay and Susan Boutilier, born 28 September 1900.

Records of Trinity Anglican Church, Sydney Mines, show that, on 28 November 1922, George Murray McKay, 21, Sydney Mines (son of Laurence McKay of Leitches Creek) married Annie Brown, 18, Sydney Mines, parents unnamed but indicated as deceased. Records of the same church show the following baptisms of children of this couple: Melville Russell McKay, b. 22 September 1923, c. 7 June 1925; George Harris McKay, b. 15 October 1924, c. 7 June; Vera Eileen McKay, b. 2 August 1926, c. 14 November; and Drusilla May McKay, b. 2 October 1927, c. 13 May 1928. In addition, the following children of George Murray McKay and his wife Annie (birth surname never given) were baptised at St. Mary's Anglican Church, Glace Bay: Thelma Elizabeth, b. 4 August 1931; Rachel Ann, b. 11 August 1932 (baptised the same day at Glace Bay General Hospital); Edith Adele, b. 14 December 1933; David Albert, b. 23 November 1936; and Margaret Patricia, b. 2 April 1939. No record of the marriage of any of the other children of Lawrence McKay has yet been found.

A chance visit to St. Mary's Cemetery in Glace Bay led to the discovery of the headstone of George Murray MacKay and his wife Hannah Brown. Their dates as recorded on that headstone were 6 August 1901 to 24 September 1965 for the former, and 10 April 1904 to 13 February 1969 for the latter. In fact, George Murray MacKay died on 24 September 1966 rather than 1965.

The obituary for George Murray MacKay in the Cape Breton Post indicated that he was a native of Dominion, had resided at 194 Connaught Avenue, Glace Bay, and had worked for 54 years for the coal company, retiring in 1961. (If both figures are correct, he began work at the age of six!) The survivors listed are sons Melvin of New Glasgow, Harris of Ottawa, Bill of Toronto and Robert at home; daughters Marguerite (Mrs. Stan Hodder) of Glace Bay, Edith (Mrs. Edward Secchini) of Thorold, Ontario, Thelma (Mrs. Lawrence Boutilier) of Toronto, Eileen (Mrs. R. C. Eisane) also of Toronto, and Erusella (Mrs. Ken Radway) of Wellington, Ontario; brothers Sidney of Glace Bay and Bernard of Toronto; and sisters Mrs. Maumaine Myles of Dominion, Mrs. Mable Janes of Sydney Mines, and Mrs. Fred Cikul of Toronto. There were also 23 grandchildren.

The obituary for his wife gives her name as Annie rather than Hannah. She was a native of England, and had lived in Cape Breton since 1911. Some details about their children differ: Robert had moved to Toronto; Edith's husband's surname is given as "Cecchini" and their residence as St. Catherine's; Edith's husband's name is "Ronald Eisan" and their residence is Oakville; Erusella's name is given as "Druie", and their residence as Welland. The number of grandchildren had reached 26. Research into this branch of the family tree is ongoing.

Records of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Dominion, an Anglican congregation, mention the death of William Robert Boutilier, aged 76 years, 6 months and 19 days, on 17 May 1982. He is buried in the Reserve Mines Cemetery on the Centreville Road.

Further examination of the records of the Church of the Good Shepherd reveal the following burials:

Price McKay, 36, died between 23 October 1911 and 27 April 1912 (precise date not given), and was buried in Centreville Cemetery.

Lawrence McKay, 46, died 27 October 1917, and was also buried in Centreville Cemetery. It was noted in Part VII that his widow had remarried in 1919.

In addition, these church records mention the deaths of Drusilla McKay, age 1, on 30 June 1908, with burial in Centreville, and of a stillborn infant McKay, of 12 County Road, on 29 April 1951 with burial in All Saints Cemetery.

Records of Trinity Anglican Church, Sydney Mines, include the death of Lawrence Samuel McKay, 17, Sydney Mines, who was buried in Trinity Anglican Cemetery on 8 August 1934.

Records of All Saints Anglican Church, New Waterford have the following:

Earl Edward McKay, 58, Glace Bay, died 23 December 1944, and was buried in Centreville Cemetery. (The presence of his headstone in that cemetery was noted in Part VII.)

Records of Knox United Church indicate that Shirley Vivian MacKay, 18, 17 Connaught Avenue, Anglican, daughter of Earl MacKay and Catherine MacDonald, married RCAF Lance Corporal Hugh Frederick Purdy, 20, of St. Stephen, NB, son of James O. and Effie Hannah Purdy, on 27 September 1943. Witnesses were Lewis Currie of Woodstock NB, and Mary M White of 18 Second St., Glace Bay. [So far, no baptismal record has been found for this daughter, or any other child of Earl MacKay and Catherine MacDonald.]

One more detail on James Boutilier and Udavilla Grant:

On 7 December 1899, William Wilson Boutilier, the son of James and "Eudevilla" was baptised at St. Mary's Anglican Church, Glace Bay. His date of birth is given as 29 October 1899, and the father is described as a labourer resident in Dominion.

More on William Grant and Martha Rankin and their descendants:

During a recent visit to Greenwood Cemetery, Glace Bay, for another purpose, this researcher noticed the following headstone inscriptions:

Father William W. Grant 1858 - 1940
Mother Martha 1864 - 1948

In memory of
Mildred H., born Aug. 25, 1892, Died July 31, 1901
Vivian F., December 16, 1904 - April 5, 1907
Gertrude D., October 25, 1906 - October 26, 1906

Children of William & Martha Grant

This William Grant is the son of Peter Grant and Mary Ann Dolman, and he and Martha Rankin are the parents of Harold Dolman Grant, father of Blair Grant. Mildred is listed in the 1901 census with birthdate as shown. Martha's birthdate from that census is given as 10 February 1862. Records of Knox United Church give her date of death as 9 December 1948, and her age as 85.

Records of Knox United Church indicate that Olive Elizabeth Grant married Hugh Lonzo McLean on 20 October 1920. Olive was a daughter of William Grant and Martha Rankin. Their son Donald Winston Maclean was born 4 october 1940 and baptised 12 November 1941. [See below for list of marriages of children.]

Records of Knox United Church indicate that Arthur Woodrow Grant married Gwendolyn Albertha Duffett on 21 November 1939. Arthur was a son of Leighton Grant and Catherine MacNeil (see below).

Records of Knox United Church indicate that Earl Dolman Grant, son of Leighton Grant and Catherine MacNeil married Mildred Clarke, daughter of Elijah Clarke (b. Newfoundland) and Drusilla Hiscock on 23 October 1942. Witnesses were Alexander MacDonald and Kathleen Frances Grant.

Records of Knox United Church list the following five marriages of children of Hugh A. MacLean and Olive Elizabeth Grant:

1) Ethel Beryl MacLean, 19, of 16 Pitt St., Glace Bay, married RCAF Lance Corporal Keith Morrison Teskey, 26, of Newmarket, ON, son of Stanley Teskey and Miriam Morrison, on 8 November 1943. Witnesses were Lance Corporal Wallace Crosby of Yarmouth, and Mildred Grant MacLean of 16 Pitt St.

2) Mildred Grant MacLean, 23, married Corporal Wallace Romas Crosby, 29, of Lake Annis, Yarmouth Co., son of Alvin Crosby and Nina Banks, on 18 June 1945. Witnesses were Grant MacLean of 16 Marconi Street, and Beryl MacLean Teskey.

3) Muriel Olive MacLean, 21, married Donald Walter McLaughlin, 20, hockey player, b. Shubenacadie, res. Halifax, son of Donald Vance McLaughlin and Maude Katherine Baker on 12 August 1950. Witnesses were Daphne Ann McLaughlin and Michael G. Andrews.

4) Dorothy Ruth MacLean, 21, married Wallace Ralph Peters, 25, Anglican, son of Wallace Warren Peters and Florence Bramwell (b. England) on 30 June 1956. Witnesses were Samuel Boutilier and Mary Allen.

5) Donald Winston MacLean, 22, bank accountant, married Judith Ann MacKenzie, 21, b. Westville, daughter of John Malcolm MacKenzie and Vera Margaret MacGillivary, on 27 December 1962. Witnesses were George MacLeod and Lorna Bishop.

Records of Epworth United Church, Glace Bay, indicate that Leighton James Grant died on 20 August 1963. He was a son of William Grant and Martha Rankin, and a great-great-grandson of Charles and Nancy. He was survived by his wife (Catherine MacNeil), four sons (Arthur, Earl, Gordon, all of Glace Bay; Harold, of Sarnia), one daughter (Kathleen, Mrs. Alex MacDonald of Catherine St., Glace Bay), two brothers (Percy and William, both of Glace Bay), and two sisters (Edith, Mrs. Daniel MacLean, and Olive, Mrs. Hugh MacLean, both of Glace Bay). There were 14 grandchildren.

The same church records indicate that Earl Grant, son of the above, died 10 August 1982 at the age of 65. He was predeceased by his wife (Mildred Clarke), by a son and by a brother. He was survived by three daughters Arlene (Mrs. James Allen, Aylmer, ON), Marilyn (Mrs. Sheldon Gilmour, Reserve Mines); and Brenda (Glace Bay); two brothers Harold (Mira Road), Gordon (Glace Bay), and one sister (Kathleen, as above).

The obituary for his wife, Mildred Clarke, indicates that she died on 20 September 1976 at the age of 54. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elizah Clarke of Birch Grove. Her obituary also mentions that she was predeceased by an infant son, Gary Seward, in 1956.

An obituary in the Chronicle-Herald of 21 August 1992 indicated that Kathleen Frances MacDonald, daughter of the late Layton Grant and Kathleen MacNeil, had died on 18 August in the Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, at the age of 69. She was survived by sons Kevin and Eldon, both at home; daughter Glenda, at home; and brother Harold (Mira) [see below]. She was predeceased by her husband, Alexander Stephen MacDonald; and brothers Arthur, Earl and Gordon. Burial was in Forest Haven Memorial Gardens on the Sydney - Glace Bay Highway.

An obituary in the Chronicle-Herald of 18 March 1993 indicated that Grant MacLean of Blackett St., Glace Bay, had died on 15 March at the age of 73. He was the son of Daniel MacLean and Edith Grant, the latter the daughter of William Grant and Martha Rankin. He was survived by sons Grant, Allister (both of Glace Bay) and Donald (Sydney); brother Donald J. (Willowdale, ON); sister Jean (Mrs. Fraser MacDonald, Hamilton, ON); and five grandchildren. He was predeceased by his wife Chris MacLeod and by a brother Roy. [Note: This came as a particularly unexpected revelation to this writer, since Fraser MacDonald was, in fact, the only brother of his mother, Hughena MacDonald Grant. See below for more detail on this family. Research on this connection is ongoing.]

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial indicates that Flying Officer Roy MacLean of RCAF 431 Squadron, son of Daniel J. and Edith MacLean of Glace Bay, was killed in action on 29 January 1944. He is buried in the Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery. His case brings to five the number of descendants of Charles Grant and Nancy Gordon found to have died in war. (See "The Burchell Connection" below.)

An obituary in the Chronicle-Herald of 30 May 1996 indicated that Harold Grant, son of the late Layton and Kathleen (MacNeil) Grant had died 28 May at the age of 77. He was a resident of Hillside Road, Mira. He was survived by his wife, the former Nellie Wright; sons Harold and Arthur (both of Glace Bay), and Wayne (Sarnia); four grandchildren and a great-grandchild. He was predeceased by an infant son Brian; brothers Arthur, Earl and Gordie; and sister Katherine (Kay) MacDonald. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery.

An obituary in the Chronicle-Herald of 22 November 1996 indicated that Lena Belle Grant, wife of Everett Grant and daughter of the late Archie and Mary (MacLeod) Buchanan had died on 20 November at the age of 89. She was survived by daughters Rhoda (Mrs. Cecil Brufatto), Bernice (Mrs. Angus Stewart), Mary Ellen (Mrs. Allister Chant), all of Glace Bay; 14 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband; daughter Martha; sons William (see Part VII) and Everett; and a great-grandchild. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery.

Death of William Grant, son of Everett Grant:

After working on this genealogy project for over two years, it has come to be almost automatic for this researcher to look at any list of names, wherever presented, for possible clues. This time, it was a list of former members of IBEW, Local 1852, posted up in the union hall in Whitney Pier. Among the names on the plaque was William Grant, 17 February 1934 - 22 August 1991.

The obituary from the Cape Breton Post indicated that he was the son of Mrs. Lena Grant and the late Everett Grant. Survivors listed were his companion, Elaine; daughters Tanya, Belinda and Sheri, all of Glace Bay; sisters Rhoda (Mrs. Cecil Brufatto), Bernice (Mrs. Angus Stewart), and Mary Ellen (Mrs. Allister Chant), all of Glace Bay; and one granddaughter. He was predeceased by a brother Everett Jr. and a sister Martha Ann. Burial was in Greenwood Cemetery. [Blair Grant's family tree names William's wife as Lena Seymour, and the wife of Everett Jr. as Toni Boutilier. In Joe Petrie's file on the Boutilier family, Everett Arthur Granr (sic), b. 1938, is listed as having married Marilyn Louisa Boutilier, the daughter of Henry Boutilier and Katherine Neilson, on 22 May 1965. The elder Everett Grant, who married Lena Buchanan, was the son of William Grant and Martha Rankin, and so the uncle of Blair Grant.]

Further descendants of Alexander Grant

An obituary from the Chronicle - Herald of 18 September 1990 indicates that Charles Howard Grant of Point Edward died at the age of 91 on 17 September 1990. Charles was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, the son of Robert George Grant and Ada Lewis. Besides his wife, he was survived by a brother Robert (George's River); sisters Irene and Rita Poirier (both of Massachusetts), Mary MacLean (Windsor, ON) and Olney MacDonald (Sydney); sons Aubrey (Toronto), Kenneth (Brampton, ON), Ivan (Alberta), and David (Point Edward); 11 grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by sisters Thelma and Yuba, and daughter Avril. An obituary from the Chronicle - Herald of 22 May 1996 indicates that his wife Margaret Mary MacDonald died 21 May 1996. Burial in both cases was in St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery, Point Edward. [For earlier generations of this branch of the family see Part III.]

Obituary for a descendant of John Grant and Maria Jefferson:

An obituary from the Chronicle - Herald of 26 September 1996 indicates that John George (Jack) Grant, son of the late Walter Grant and Helen Thompson, died 24 September at the age of 73. He had been employed by MT&T for 42 years. He was survived by his wife Mary Rose Bates; daughters Jacqueline and Brenda (Glace Bay); son John (Sydney); brothers Earl (Halifax) and Shep (Glace Bay); sisters Anna Fletcher, Ruth Frost, Patsy and Helen Grant (all of Glace Bay) and Harriet Grant (Halifax); and 10 grandchildren. Burial was in Forest Haven Memorial Gardens.

Further to descendants of Peter Musgrave and Ann Grant:

Recall from Part V that Hedley Musgrave was the son of Bartholomew Musgrave and Annie Watson, and was a great-great-grandson of Peter Musgrave and Ann Grant. His obituary was discovered by chance. He died 28 August 1961 in Toronto, and was predeceased by his wife Eva Fairbrother. He was survived by his sons, Forrest of Gerrard's Cross, England, and Melton (Milton?) of Willowdale, Ontario, and by his daughter Madge, Mrs. E. G. Young of Halifax. There is no mention of grandchildren.

An obituary from the Chronicle-Herald of 13 June 1991 indicated that Enid Vivian Robertson Halley had died 11 June in Seabright, New Jersey at age 91. As mentioned in Part V, she was a daughter of John C. Robertson and Augusta Musgrave. She was survived by her husband, William C. Halley; grandchildren Robert Allan Ingraham, Patricia Stein, Laurie Ingraham and Scott Ingraham (all in the US); seven great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by a son, Hugh Allan Ingraham. Burial was in Lakeside Cemetery near North Sydney.

Also as noted in Part V, Sadie Jeannette Moffatt, daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Hammond Moffatt, married Leslie Smith, and the couple resided at Grove's Point. Their marriage has been found in records of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney, and took place on 12 July 1939. The groom was 29, born in England, son of Harry Smith and Kate Langford, and a bricklayer's helper. An obituary from the Chronicle-Herald of 7 November 1973 indicated that she died the previous day at the stated age of 70. She was survived by her husband; daughter Lillian (Mrs. James Keehan, Montreal); sister Ada (Mrs. Cecil Anderson, Sydney); and brother Jack (Sydney). An obituary for her husband appeared on 23 May 1974 without further information. Records of the Dr. John Pringle Memorial Cemetery at Blackett's Lake confirm the following burials: Leslie Smith 1910 - 1974; Sarah J 1904 - 1973.

Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney also show the marriage on 15 September 1937 of Ida MacDonald (born Moffatt), 43, of Sydney Forks to Gordon MacAulay, 53, widower, Provincial Supervisor of Relief, res. New Waterford, born Port Morien, son of Daniel MacAulay and Agnes Carmichael. She was also a daughter of Hammond Moffatt and Jessie Beaton.

The following obituary appeared in the Cape Breton Post of 26 June 2002.

" Milford George Musgrave, 85, a resident of Seaview Drive, North Sydney, passed away suddenly, Sunday, June 23, 2002, at the Northside General Hospital. Born in North Sydney, he was a son of the late John A. and Gertrude (Moffatt) Musgrave. Milford was a member of St. Joseph Parish, North Sydney, an honourary member of the North Sydney Senior Citizens and Pensioners Club and enjoyed attending the seniors day care program at Harbourview Hospital in Sydney Mines. He is survived by one brother, Horace, North Sydney; sister-in-law, Betty Musgrave, with whom he resided; also by several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by four brothers, Hammond, Leonard, Austin and Russell and three sisters, Etta, Pearl and Gloria. Visitation 7-9 p.m. Wednesday in the W.J. Dooley Funeral Home, 107 Pleasant St., North Sydney. Funeral mass will be held Thursday, 10 a.m. from St. Joseph Church, North Sydney, with Rev. Tom MacNeil officiating. Burial will follow in Lakeside Cemetery. "

Recall from Parts V and VI that John A. (Jack Archie) Musgrave married Gertrude Moffatt, daughter of Hammond Moffatt and Jessie Beaton. This obituary confirms that Milford George Musgrave was unmarried.

Recall also from Part V that Lillian Robertson, daughter of Charles Robertson and Eliza Moffatt married Stanley Boak. This marriage took place in the Baptist church in North Sydney on 17 June 1902. The groom was 33, a Halifax merchant, and son of Andrew B. and Janie D. Boak. Investigation of this line is ongoing.

Also from Part V, George Squires Moffatt, son of Hammond Moffatt and Jessie Beaton, is known to have married Annie May Lively. Their marriage has been found in the records of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney, on 16 March 1936. No information is given as to the bride's parentage, although she is identified as a Roman Catholic. In the same church records, baptism records for two daughters of this couple have also been found: Shirley Avril Moffatt, b. 1 April 1937, and Delores Frances Moffatt, b. 7 February 1940.

Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church also include the baptism of Mary Agnes Bayne Moffatt, b. 17 September 1907, on 16 February 1937. She appears to have been identified only as "Bayne" in Part V, and to have married John G. Holmes.

Re: Possible child of Elizabeth Grant and John MacMillan

Recall from Part I that Eliza Grant, daughter of Peter Grant and Mary Ann Dolman, was married to John MacMillan on 23 September 1889 in a Baptist ceremony at North Sydney. Eliza's age was given as 20 at the time. Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney, show the baptism on 15 October 1932 of Margaret Belle MacMillan, b. 30 March 1923, daughter of John Joseph MacMillan, contractor, and Elizabeth Grant. The coincidence of names is compelling, but, if all the ages given are correct, Eliza would have been 54 at the time of the birth of Margaret Belle. Investigation into this line is ongoing.

Re: Mary Jane, sister of Margaret MacKenzie (Grant)

Mary Jane MacKenzie was the daughter of Malcolm and Jessie MacKenzie, sister of the author's great-grandmother Margaret MacKenzie Grant. On 23 December 1879, at the age of 31, she married Angus McLean, 33, servant, son of Hector and Christy McLean, in a Presbyerian ceremony at Sydney Mines. Headstone transcriptions from the Historic Presbyterian Cemetery in Sydney Mines, done by Beverly Darby-Brown and available on the Internet, indicate that Mary Jane MacKenzie, "the beloved wife of Angus McLean" died 15 February 1881, at the age of 33. It is not known if the couple had any children who survived.

Florence Grant:

In the 1901 census for Baddeck, a Florence Grant has been found living there and working as a school teacher. Her age is given as 25, and she is living with an unrelated family. There was no Florence Grant anywhere in Victoria County in 1891. Elva Jackson mentions that Henry Charles Grant and Maria Ellen Lewis had a daughter Florence, born in 1868. This Florence would then have been a niece of Matilda Grant, mentioned above. Florence is listed in the census for Ball's Creek of 1871, 1881 and 1891, living with her parents in all cases, and her age is given, respectively, as 3, 12 and 22. The entire family had disappeared from the census by 1901, although Elva gives the date of death of Henry Charles Grant as 1905. (As noted in the preceding item, there was a second and unrelated Florence "Flora" Grant, born in Glace Bay to John and Christy Grant, and who was married to Charles Scott in 1895; it is very unlikely that she would have been working in Baddeck six years after marriage and still living under her birth name.)

Death of widow of descendant:

It is with regret that I include the following obituary from the Cape Breton Post of 10 January 2002 for Ethel Florence Andrews, aged 99, widow of Herbert Andrews. As was mentioned briefly in Part I, the "Andrews clan" of Port Morien is descended from James Andrews and Anna Grant, who were married in 1865. Herbert was a grandson of James and Anna.

Ethel Florence Andrews, a life-long resident of Port Morien, passed away peacefully Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2002, at the Glace Bay Health Care Complex following a brief illness. She was in her 99th year. Born in Port Morien, she was the daughter of the late Alexander and Sarah (MacLeod) MacLeod and the wife of the late Herbert Andrews. Ethel was a very active member of St. John's United Church, Port Morien, having served as church treasurer, CGIT leader and UCW and a member of the Rebecca Lodge, No. 89, Port Morien having joined in 1922. Ethel is survived by her son, Ian (Joyce), Oromocto, N.B.; three granddaughters, Lori, Fredericton, N.B., Jennifer, Toronto, and Karen (Mrs. Anton Topilnyckyj), New Market, Ont.; and several nieces and nephews. Ethel was predeceased by three sisters, Margaret, Helen and Catherine, two brothers, Malcolm and Aulay. Visitation for Ethel Andrews will be held Friday, Jan. 11 from 2-4, 7-9 p.m. in Patten Funeral Home and Chapel, 71 Union St., Glace Bay. The remains will be moved Saturday at 1 p.m. to St. John's United Church, Port Morien, where funeral services will be conducted at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Michael Goodfellow officiating. Interment will be in Black Brook Cemetery.

Research into this branch of the family is ongoing. I have met with Ethel's only son, Ian (pronounced "Eye-an" and not "Ee-an") and his family, with whom I attended high school some 40 years ago, and who is himself interested in genealogy with particular emphasis on the Andrews side. We therefore hope to be able to help each other in future.

We now present four sizable portions of family tree, detailing the connections with the Dickson/Dixon family of the Northwest Arm, the Logue family of Sydney and North Sydney, the Peters family of Mira Road, and the Burchell family of Sydney Mines. The first three are strongly interconnected and should be read in sequence. The last is more strongly connected with the Musgrave/Moffatt family trees in Part V.

The Dickson/Dixon Connection(s):

It must first be noted that the names "Dixon" and "Dickson" are used almost interchangably in early records. Also, there is a large group of persons of that surname in the Mira-Catalone-Louisbourg area. So far, no credible evidence has turned up that any of them are descendants of Charles Grant and Nancy Gordon, but a number of open questions remain.

Alexander Dickson and Robert Dixon of the 82nd regiment are listed in Dr. Robert Morgan's list of Loyalist settlers of Sydney. There is also a record of a property transfer from Elizabeth Dickson of Spanish River, widow of Alexander Dixon, in 1795. In part because of the prevalence of the name "Alexander" among the next generation, I have assumed that the family which took up land along the North West Arm are the descendants of Alexander. Land grants are ambiguous, however. In 1806, Thomas Rudderham received a lot at the North West Arm adjacent to that of John Dixon. In 1818, however, John Dixon, 33, described as a native of Main-a-Dieu, with a wife and four children, asked for and received a lot on the south side of the North West Arm.

Elva Jackson's card file, largely derived from records of St. George's Anglican Church, indicates that John Dixon married Isabella Grant, daughter of Charles and Nancy, on 13 January 1809. Isabella was baptised 21 September 1791 and died 17 January 1870. John Dixon died about 1860. Among their family were George Alexander (b. about 1809, c. 25 February 1810, aged 4 months), Alexander Daniel (b. 13 April 1813), Isabella Harriet (b. 6 June 1819), and John (b. 13 June 1826). Also in the records at St. George's was William Dixon, baptised 19 August 1812 at the age of 12, the son of John and Eleanor Dixon. (It is therefore quite possible that Isabella Grant was John Dixon's second wife, in which case any descendants of William Dixon would not be true members of this family tree.)

In 1838, John Dickson was living at Leitches Creek with a household of 10 individuals. Exclusive of the head, there were two males and three females over 14 in this household. Elva Jackson also records that there was a Tabitha Dixon (c. 1791 - 1870) also living at the North West Arm during this period. There is also an eroded gravestone for a Simon Dixon (1810 - 1866(?)) in St. John's Anglican Cemetery, Point Edward. The relationship of either to John, if any, is unknown.

Marriage records for St. George's Anglican Church, Sydney show that Alexander Dixon of Point Edward married Catherine Burke on 9 March 1852. (Baptismal records of the same church show Catherine Burke born in May of 1830 to James and Elizabeth Burke of Main-a-Dieu. Her birthplace suggests there may well have been some connection with the Dicksons of that area.) The 1871 census for Ball's Creek shows Alexander Dixon, 54, born NS, Church of England, seaman; Catherine, 40, Irish; Evalina, 18 (m. Richard Logue, details below), Elizabeth, 16 (1855 - 1919, unmarried); Isabel, 15 (m. David J. Lewis, details below); Jane, 13; Annie, 10 (m. William R. Coleman, details below); John, 8; Charles, 6 (1865 - 1946); Ada, 4 (m. Johnson, res. Bangor, see below) and Catherine 2 (1870 - 1918). Catherine (1830-1914), wife of Alexander, and three of her children (Elizabeth, Charles and Catherine) are buried in Mitchell Island Union Cemetery.

Records of St. George's Anglican Church, Sydney, show that Alexander Dixon died 25 May 1872 at the age of 59. If this age is correct, it is more likely that he was Alexander Daniel than George Alexander.

Marriage records of Cape Breton County indicate that, 0n 24 August 1878, Isabella Dickson, 21, of the North West Arm, daughter of Alex and C. Dickson, married David J. Lewis, 23, blacksmith, resident in Sydney, born at the Forks, son of Ben and Mary Lewis, in a Presbyterian ceremony in Sydney. Research into this branch of the family is ongoing.

The 1881 census for Ball's Creek lists Catherine Dixon, 48, born NS, Baptist, widow; Evalina, 28, Church of England; Elizabeth, 26; Jane, 22; Annie, 20; John, 19; Charles, 16; Ada, 14; Katie, 12; Eliza, 9 (m. Oliver Lewis, details below); and Charles, 50. It is unusual, of course, that the same family should contain both an Elizabeth and an Eliza.

On 17 January 1882, in a Roman Catholic ceremony at North Sydney, Richard Logue, 29, telegraph representative, born Sydney, resident in North Sydney, son of Richard and Isabel Logue, married Evalina Dixon, 29, of the North West Arm, daughter of Alex'r and Cath. Dixon. [Richard Logue was the brother of Charles Logue, who married Selina Rudderham, a second cousin of Evalina Dixon. See Part VII.] The 1901 census for North Sydney shows Richard Logue, born 31 October 1854, born NS, Roman Catholic, telegraph lineman; Evalina, b. 20 January 1855; Joseph, b. 19 January 1883, telegraph lineman; William, b. 8 April 1886; Mary, b. 19 June 1889; Katie, b. 7 May 1895; and Elizabeth Dixon, sister-in-law, Baptist, b. 31 October 1858.

According to the list of headstone transcriptions from Holy Cross Cemetery, near North Sydney, assembled by Debbie MacKinnon & Beverly Darby-Brown, there is a large Logue family plot in that cemetery. Among the burials listed there are Richard Logue 1852 - 20 February 1934, and Evalina Dickson Logue, wife of Richard Logue, 1853 - 7 March 1939. Also buried in that plot are four of their children and one spouse thereof: Joseph Logue 1883 - 12 March 1968, Christina wife of Joseph Logue 1886 - 25 September 1936, Catherine (Katie) Logue 1885 - 21 August 1974, William Snyder Logue 1886 - 22 August 1973, and Mary Evalina Logue 19 June 1889 - 12 September 1985. There are nine other individuals buried here with the surname Logue and born in the interval 1905 - 1922, and a tenth in a separate plot nearby giving the name of a wife who may still survive. Some details above were obtained from records of Dooley's Funeral Home, North Sydney. For further information on this family, see "The Logue Connection" which follows.

On 26 March 1889, in a Methodist ceremony at North Sydney, William R. Coleman, 28, engineer ( son of Edward and Francis [sic]) married Annie Dickson, 25 (daughter of Alex'r and Kate). Witnesses were In. C. Robertson and Rich'd Logue. The 1891 census of North Sydney lists William (W. R.) Coleman, 31, born NS, Methodist, steamboat engineer; Annie, 27, born NS; George, 2; Francis, 59, widow, mother, born NS; and Grace Hawkins, 20, cousin. In 1901, the family is made up of William Coleman, born 8 December 1859, Methodist, engineer; Annie, born 14 November 1865; George, born 18 October 1890; Charles, born 12 December 1892; and Frances, born 10 December 1895.

Headstone transcriptions for Lakeside Cemetery include the following in a single plot: Charles 1893 - 1962; William L. Coleman 1859 - 1943; His wife Anna Marie 1860 - 1951; Son George 1890 - 1937; His wives Marguerite 1897 - 1924; Florence 1901 - 1934; Son Bruce 1922 - 1934. (Frances Coleman and two infant siblings of William are also buried there.) Nearby is Gertrude wife of Charles Coleman 1897 - 1948.

Marriage records for Cape Breton County indicate that, on 26 September 1900, at North Sydney, in a Baptist ceremony, Oliver Lewis, 27, blacksmith, Pt. Edward (son of Douglas and Annie), married Eliza Dixon, 24, Pt. Edward (daughter of Alexander and Catherine).

Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney, indicate that, on 11 August 1938, James Edward Myron Meikle, 35, teacher, born Pictou County, son of Alexander Walter Meikle and Violet Mason Young, married Catherine Ethel Lewis, 35, photo colorist, of Point Edward, daughter of Oliver Edward Lewis and Eliza Dixon. Witnesses were Everett Lewis and A. Pearl Meikle. [Records of the same church show the burial of A. W. Meikle on 20 November 1936, and the death of Mrs. A. W. (Violet) Meikle on 26 October 1938.]

Headstone transcriptions from St. John's Anglican Cemetery include Oliver E. Lewis, d 20 Jan 1923, 49 yrs; his wife Eliza M. d Dec 8, 1959 88 yrs; son Roy E. 1911 - 1992. An obituary from the Cape Breton Post of 9 December 1959 for Mrs. Oliver Lewis does not contain her given name. She was survived by a daughter, Mrs. Myron Meikle of Sydney; two sons, Everett and Roy, Point Edward; and a sister, Mrs. Ada Johnson of Bangor. Two grandsons, Douglas and Sandy Meikle also survived.

Records of Dooley's Funeral Home, North Sydney, indicate that Charles Dixon, 80, died 10 June 1946 and was buried at Mitchell Island. He was born at Point Edward, worked as a lineman, and died of senility at the Cape Breton Hospital. Funeral arrangements were made by Chas. Coleman.

Records of Hardwood Hill Cemetery indicate that Mrs. Myron Meikle, the former Ethel Lewis, died on 11 November 1982 at the age of 79, and that her husband died 19 October 1984 at the age of 81. She was survived by brothers Everett and Roy at Point Edward. They were both survived by sons Douglas of Edmonton and Sandy of Fredericton, together with five grandchildren.

Headstone inscriptions from St. John's Cemetery, Point Edward, also show Roy E. Lewis as born 4 Oct 1911 and died 18 Aug 1992. His obituary indicates that he was predeceased by brother Everett and sister Ethel, and survived by nephews Douglas Meikle in Dartmouth and Sandy Meikle in Fredericton.

For the purposes of exclusion, we mention the following two individuals with surname Dickson. The 1901 census, Part II, p. 43, indicates that Mary Bourinot, widow, born 29 August 1840, Irish, C/E, retired was living with her mother Lavinia Dickson, born 6 November 1811, Presbyterian, retired. A similar listing appeared in the 1891 census. Lavinia Burnyeat Dickson is buried in the Purves family plot in Lakeside Cemetery near North Sydney; her dates as given on the headstone are 5 November 1811 to 3 December 1903. Mary Campbell Dickson, daughter of Joseph and Lavinia Dickson of Truro, married Arthur Henry Bourinot, son of John and Jane Bourinot of Sydney in a Presbyterian ceremony in Truro on 27 July 1867. It is possible that another daughter of Lavinia Dickson was the wife of William Purves, 1834-1893, also buried in Lakeside.
There is no known connection between this Dickson family and any of the local families of that surname.

The Logue Connection

This section is particularly complex, since it involves a number of marriages of cousins among the Logue, Dickson and Rudderham families. It should be read in conjunction with the preceding section on "The Dickson/Dixon Connection".

The first Richard Logue arrived in Sydney as an immigrant from Londonderry in 1835. Thanks to a reference in the marriage records of CB County, we now know that his wife was Isabella Dickson. No record of their marriage has yet been found, but it seems highly probable that she was the daughter of John Dixon and Isabella Grant, born in 1819. So far, no death record or burial site for Richard Logue the elder or Isabella Dickson has been located.

Marriage records for Cape Breton County indicate that James Garvin, 23, coal cutter, born Pictou, res. Cow Bay (son of James and Mary McMahon) married Eliza Logue, 17, Sydney (daughter of Richard Logue and Isabella Dickson) in a Roman Catholic ceremony at Sydney on 27 January 1867. Most probably, Mary Ann Logue, who married James Peters in 1865 (no further details in the records) was also a daughter of Richard Logue and Isabella Dickson. We have already noted the marriage of Charles Logue to Selina Rudderham in 1879 (see Part VII); and of Richard Logue (b. 1852) to his first cousin Evalina Dickson in 1882 (see "The Dickson Connection" above).

Birth records for Cape Breton County indicate that John Richard Garven was born 29 August 1869 at Cow Bay to James and Eliza Logue, who were married on 29 January 1867 in Sydney. An unnamed child with surname Garvin was born 18 August 1868 at Cow Bay; father was James, but mother is not named.

The 1871 census for Sydney, Part I, includes the following extended family: Richard Logue, 64, b. Ireland, Catholic, telegraph repairer; Isabel, 50, b. NS, English; William, 24, sailor; Charles, 22, sailor; Eliza, 20, married, dressmaker; Richard, 18, driver; James, 15, shoemaker; Catherine, 13; James Garvin, 24, carpenter; John Garvin, 1. It is evident that James and Eliza had moved back to Sydney to live with her parents, and that the first baby born to the couple had not survived.

The 1871 census for Sydney, Part II, includes the following family: James Peters, 33, C/E, carpenter, born NS, French; Mary Ann, 28, Irish; James, 7; John, 4; Anne, 2; Samuel R., 3 months (born January). Birth records of Cape Breton County show Samuel Richard Peters, born 6 January 1871 to James and Mary Ann Logue, farmer, Mira Rd., married February 1864 in Sydney. They also show Henry P. Peters, born 13 February 1873 to the same couple (who now declared their marriage to have taken place in February 1867), and James Peters, born 17 November 1875 to James and Kate Logue (date of marriage now given as 1868).

Burial records of Sacred Heart Cemetery show that Richard Logue died in 1886 at the age of 72, and that Isabel H. Logue died in 1908 at the age of 89. In addition, there is a headstone for a Catherine (Kate) Logue, whose date of death is in the 1930's, most probably 1938.

In addition, marriage records of Cape Breton County show a marriage of Mary Ann Logue, 21, Sydney (daughter of James and Ann Logue) to William Hill, 28, truckman, born Amherst, resident of Sydney (son of Charles and Sarah) in a Presbyterian ceremony at Sydney on 16 April 1902. No marriage record for James Logue has yet been found, so his wife's identity remains unknown.

The death of Richard Logue (the younger) on 20 February 1934 was the subject of a lengthy tribute in the Sydney Post. It indicated that he succeeded his father on 1 April 1870 as line-foreman for the Nova Scotia Telegraph Co. (later Anglo-American Cable, still later Western Union Telegraph), and was transferred to North Sydney on 1 April 1875. He retired in October 1925. (Among the miscellaneous items found at the Beaton Institute is a record from July 1885 of pole repairs done on the telegraph line from North Sydney to Baddeck and Ingonish. The repairer on the crew was John Dixon, and foreman Archy MacKenzie.)

As noted under the discussion of the Dixons, Richard Logue (the younger) and Evalina Dickson are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery near North Sydney with their four children, and Christina MacKenzie (1886 - 25 September 1936), the wife of his son Joseph Logue (1883- 12 March 1968). Joseph Logue then remarried Mary Evelyn McNeil (c. 1894 - 18 September 1973), daughter of Sandy McNeil and Annie McLean of St. Margaret's Village. Records of Dooley's Funeral Home indicate that she was buried in that community.

The nine children of Joseph Logue are also buried in the family plot or an adjacent one. They are:

Richard S., 1906 - 6 January 1957
Marie, 1908 - 1996
Claude, 1909 - 1911
Eva Louise, 1911 - 21 November 1980
John H. 5 November 1913 - 7 September 1963
Malcolm B. 1916 - 22 June 1966
Joseph, 1918 - 13 September 1969
Thomas, 1920 - 1991
Cecelia, 1922 - 1992

Except for John H., dates more precise than the year alone are supplied from Elva Jackson's card file at the Beaton. Some of the dates which appear above were obtained from records of Dooley's Funeral Home, North Sydney. Elva Jackson also notes that Cecelia married Walter Morrisey of North Sydney and Ingonish. In addition, there is a footstone for "Sarah E. Logue, 1905 - 1993" whose location suggests she may have been the wife of Richard S. Logue.

The obituary for John W. Logue in the Cape Breton Post (9 September 1963) indicates he died suddenly, and was survived by his wife, Catherine Walsh; son Patrick; daughter Catherine; his father, stepmother, three sisters and three brothers, as listed above.

In addition, the obituary for Richard James ("R.J." or "Dick") Logue indicates he died 17 December 1986. He was survived by his wife Dorothy E.; son Richard, Toronto; daughter Sharon (Mrs. Kevin Francis), Thornhill, Ontario; and two grandsons. His four sisters had predeceased him. Unfortunately, the obituary misidentifies his father as Richard rather than Charles Logue.

Much more information on the descendants of James Peters and Mary Ann Logue is to be found in the following section.

The Peters Connection

As noted under "The Logue Connection", James Peters married Mary Ann Logue about 1864 and took up residence on Mira Rd. The 1881 census of Sydney, Part II, shows at p. 57-8 a family consisting of James Peters, 44, C/E, farmer; Mary, 38; James, 17, farmers son; John, 14; Annie. 12; Richard, 10; Pierce, 8; William, 6; Charles, 3; Napoleon, 9 months (born August). In 1891, the same family appears at p. 10-11 of the census for Sydney Forks, and consisted of James Peters, 55, C/E, farmer; Maryann, 40, father born Ireland; James, 27, labour; Richard, 20, labour; Pierce, 18, farm labour; William, 16; Charles, 13; George, 10; Austin, 7; Annie, 22.

Baptismal records of St. George's Anglican Church, Sydney, mention the following children of James and Mary Peters: Anne, b. 18 November 1867, c. 30 May 1871; Charles Crewe, b. 28 April 1878, c. 19 March 1879; Henry P., b. 12 February 1873, c. 30 April; Isabella, b. 8 July 1865, c. 16 July; James Andrew, b. 24 November 1863, c. 16 July 1865; John, b. 1866, c. September 1867; Samuel Richard, b. 5 January 1871, c. 30 May; and William, b. 3 November 1874, c. 24 November. They also record James Peters, son of Samuel and Mary, b. 25 July 1837, c. 5 October 1841. Burial records of the same church indicate that Isabella Peters died at the age of 8 days and was buried 17 July 1865.

Records of Hardwood Hill Cemetery indicate that James Peters of Mira Rd. died 30 October 1893 at the age of 57. Records of St. George's Anglican Church give his date of burial as 3 December 1893.

Marriage records of Cape Breton County show the following for members of the family:
On 22 December 1898, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Hillside Mira, William Peters, 24, farmer, Louisbourg Rd., son of James and Mary Peters, married Mary Margaret McInnis, 24, of Mira, daughter of Agnes (sic) and Mary; witnesses were Archie McInnis and Annie Peters [family below].
On 15 June, 1899, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Sydney, Pierce Peters, 26, telegraph repairer, son of James and Mary Ann, married Anna Bell McKenzie, 22, born West Bay, daughter of George and Alexis; witnesses were Neil Johnson and Jane McQueen.
On 28 November, 1899, in a Roman Catholic ceremony at Sydney, James A. Peters, 37, widower, telephone liner, son of James and Mary, married Johanna Jamieson, 25, of Mira River, daughter of Neil and Sarah; witnesses were Thomas Downing and Agnes Burke.
A week later, on 5 December 1899, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Mt. Uniacke, Angus Morrison, 33, coal miner, born Black Brook, resident of Lorway Mines, son of Angus and Ann, married Annie Peters, 32, Mt. Uniacke, daughter of James and Mary Ann; witnesses were Charles and Kate F. Peters. [Anomalously, this marriage also appears in the records of St. George's Anglican Church.]
On 10 November 1904, in a C/E ceremony at Sydney, Charles Crewe Peters, 26, farmer, Mira Rd., son of James and Mary Ann, married Gertrude O'grady, 20, born Halifax, daughter of Edmund and Margaret; witnesses were Albert Peters and Miss Frances Peters. [This marriage also appears in the records of St. George's Anglican Church.]

The 1901 census for South Forks shows three families. First, at p. 1, there is James Peters, b. 24 November 1863, RC, linesman; Johanna, b. 4 April 1873; Mary McNeile, stepdaughter, b. 10 August 1880, age 11 (sic); John McNeile, stepson, b. 19 March 1882, age 10 (sic); Ulena Peters, daughter, b. 21 July 1885, age 6 (sic); James Peters, son, b. 17 March 1887, age 4 (sic). [Research is ongoing into the parentage of the stepchildren, and the true ages of all the children.] Second, at p. 2, there is Pearce Peters, b. 12 February 1873, farmer; Annabel, b. 2 October 1876; George, b. 2 August 1900. Finally, at p. 4, there is Mrs. Mary Peters, widow, b. 27 February 1843; Charles, b. 27 April 1878; William, b. 3 November 1874; Margaret, b. 16 November 1874, wife; Austin, b. 30 September 1883.

The 1901 census for Lorway Mines shows, at p. 21, a childless couple: Angus G. Morrison, b. 8 June 1866, Presbyterian, coal miner; Annie, b. 19 November 1869, episcopal.

Records of Christ Church Anglican, Sydney, include numerous baptisms of members of this family:
Children of Pierce and Annie Isabel (or Annabel) Peters: Alice Beatrice (much later corrected to "Alexis"), b. 5 March 1914, c. 23 November 1916; Henry Pierce, b. 19 March 1917, c. 26 October 1920.
Children of Charles Crewe and Gertrude Peters: John Charles, b. 10 December 1914, c. 23 November 1916 [family below]; George Arnold, b. March 1916, c. 23 November 1916; Annie Gertrude, b. 23 January 1918, c. 26 October 1920; Thomas Edward, b. 17 May 1919, c. 26 October 1920 [family below]; Robert Arthur, b. 17 June 1920, c. 26 October 1920 [family below]; Nina Winnifred, b. 4 May 1921, c. 28 November 1924; Florence Alice, b. 9 March 1926, c. 25 November.
Children of H. Pierce and Annie E. Peters: Alice Beatrice, b. 5 March 1914, c. 23 November 1916 (corrected to "Alexis" in 1974); Henry Pierce, b. 19 March 1917, c. 26 October 1920.
Children of Richard Peters and Myrtle Phillips: Richard James, b. 1 September 1939, c. 1 October [family below]; Jeanette Marie, b. 2 November 1935, c. 1 October 1939; Roy Andrew, b. 23 January 1950, c. 19 November. [See below.]
Children of Robert Arthur Peters and Alice Josephine MacGillivray: Frederick Arthur, b. 13 February 1944, c. 16 April; Brenda Alice, b. 22 June 1947, c. 21 September; Judith Marie, b. 22 December 1948, c. 30 January 1949; George Charles, b. 12 March 1957, c. 28 April; Terrence Robert, b. 11 December 1958, c. 12 April 1959.
Children of Albert and Agnes Clare Peters : Shirley Elizabeth, b. 25 February 1942, c. 7 November; Anna Gertrude, b. 19 March 1935, c. 24 November 1946; Patricia Clare, b. 22 August 1936, c. 24 November 1946; Joan Eleanor, b. 1 April 1947, c. 13 July. (From later evidence, the maiden name of Albert Peters' wife was Morley.)
Children of Richard James and Carol Elizabeth Peters: Lana Elizabeth, b. 5 January 1963; Caroline Annette, b. 15 June 1965, c. 4 July.

In addition, Isabel Louise Peters, daughter of Richard James Peters and Myrtle Phillips, born 13 February 1934, was baptised on 7 October 1934 at Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney.

On 17 April 1913, Richard "Dick" Peters, aged "about 45", a lineman for Western Union, was accidentally electrocuted while at work at the foot of Falmouth St., Sydney. His brothers James and Charles, who were also his co-workers, witnessed the accident and testified at the inquest. The news story states that Richard was married at the time, but had no children. He is buried with his parents in Hardwood Hill Cemetery. Records of St. George's Anglican Church give his date of burial as 9 April 1913.

Records of Hardwood Hill Cemetery indicate that James Russel Peters died 1 January 1918 at the age of 13. No obituary could be found, but a brief notice appeared on 4 January 1918 to the effect that the funeral of James Peters was being held from the home of his father, William Peters, on Chappel's Court.

Records of St. George's Anglican Church mention a marriage of John James Ormond to Annabella Mary Peters on 1 September 1927. From evidence in the following paragraph, it would appear she was a daughter of Pierce Peters. The Social Security Death Index indicates that a John Ormond, born 17 July 1901, died in September 1977, and Arabelle M. Ormond, born 5 July 1903, died in October 1993, both in Tom's River, New Jersey.

Records of Christ Church Anglican indicate that, on 1 December 1928, Frances Helen Peters, 25, Roman Catholic, daughter of James and Johanna Peters, married Rufus Foote, 33, shipper, born Wolfville, son of Richard and Frances Foote. Witnesses were Mrs. and Mrs. Gordon Dexter.

On the morning of 12 October 1929, Pierce Peters was also accidentally killed in a horrific collision on Inglis St., Sydney, between the horse-drawn wagon he was driving to work and a taxi (allegedly fleeing police). He was survived by his widow; two sons, George (of the city police department) and Henry, both residing at home; four daughters, Mrs. Jack MacDonald (Hamilton, ON), Mrs. John Ormond (Summit, NJ), Lena and Alexis (at home); five brothers, John (North Sydney), James, Charles, George and Austin (Mira Rd.); and one sister, Mrs. A. G. Morrison of George St., Sydney.

Evidently Pierce and Richard were both survived by their mother, although she is not mentioned in either story, since Hardwood Hill Cemetery records indicate that Mary A. Peters, age 91, died 14 January 1932, and is buried beside James, who died over 38 years earlier.

A third accidental death afflicted the family when, on 12 September 1936, Earl Peters, 27, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Peters died when his hunting rifle accidentally discharged. He was apparently unmarried, and was survived by several brothers (including one named Bob) and sisters.

Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney, indicate that, on 21 October 1936, Lena Margaret Peters, 23, C/E, daughter of Pierce Peters and Annie MacKenzie, married Leslie Alexander Waye, 26, newspaperman, son of William Forman Waye and Catherine MacDonald. Witnesses were Marion Andrews and Angus Waye. (See obituary from 1995 below.)

Records of Christ Church Anglican indicate that, on 18 June 1940, Donald George MacKenzie, 26, mechanic, Presbyterian, son of Jack and Ethel MacKenzie married Gertrude Ann Peters, 22, daughter of Charles and Gertrude Peters. Witnesses were Howard Boutilier and Leona Jeans.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 28 February 1944 indicates that Mrs. Annie Peters, widow of Pierce Peters, died on 26 February at the age of 67. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George MacKenzie of Sporting Mountain. She was survived by sons George (Sydney) [family below], and Henry (overseas with the military); daughters Mrs. Hilda MacDonald (General Secretary of the Mountain Sanitarium, Hamilton, Ontario), Mrs. Jack Ormond (New Jersey), Mrs. Leslie Waye (Ankerville St., Sydney), and Mrs. John MacGillivray (Sydney).

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 29 October 1953 indicates that George Peters, son of Pierce and Annie, died suddenly in Inverness on the previous day. He was survived by his widow (not named); daughters Louisa (Central School staff) and Velma (employed by Sydney Motors); brother Henry; and sisters Mrs. Milda Wilks (Ontario) [evidently a second marriage], Mrs. Jack Ormond (New Jersey), Mrs. John MacGillivary and Mrs. Les Waye (both of Sydney).

The records of Christ Church Anglican, Sydney, also show the following children born to Robert Arthur and Alice Josephine Peters: Judith Marie, b. 22 December 1948, c. 30 January 1949; George Charles, b. 12 March 1957, c. 28 April; Terrence Robert, b. 11 December 1958, c. 12 April 1959. They also have the following born to Thomas Edward and June Maxine Peters: Gertrude Florence Nadene, b. 24 July 1951, c. 15 October [family below]; Faye Estelle, b. 18 October 1953, c. 8 November.

Records of the Morrison Cemetery, Morrison Road, indicate that Angus Morrison died 28 December 1940, and that his wife Annie Peters died 8 March 1940. Obituaries have not been located for either.

Records of Hardwood Hill Cemetery indicate that William Peters died 12 September 1950; an obituary is not available due to a gap in the microfilm record. An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 6 July 1966 states that Mrs. Margaret Peters (formerly MacInnis) died the previous day. She was survived by sons Stuart of Sydney and Robert of Sydney River, and a daughter Marguerite (Mrs. H. J. Smith) of Wrentham, Mass. Two sons, Russell and Earl (see above) had predeceased her.

Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church indicate that, on 1 April 1953, Murray Dodd Brown, 24, service station attendant, of Dutch Brook, son of Edward Brown and Rosie Lockman, married Patricia Clara Peters, 19, of 36 Whitney Avenue, daughter of Albert Peters and Clara Morley. Witnesses were Carmen Carson and Mary Elizabeth George. [Recall that Albert was the son of Charles Crewe Peters. No marriage record has yet been found for him. See also Petrie/Peters marriage in 1966 below.]

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 30 March 1955 states that George Peters, 74, died the previous evening. He was survived by brothers John (Guysboro), and Charles and Austin (both Mira Rd.) He was predeceased by three brothers and a sister.

While no marriage record has yet been found, there is evidence below that Mary Ann Peters, daughter of Richard James Peters and Myrtle Phillips, married Guy Mader. In particular, records of Christ Church Anglican indicate that Robert Edmund Mader, 18, son of Guy and Mary Ann Peters, married Helen Florence MacDonald, 19, daughter of Angus Hugh MacDonald and Theresa Ann MacLellan, on 12 April 1955.

Records of Christ Church Anglican indicate that, on 8 September 1956, Isabel Louise Peters, 22, daughter of Richard James Peters and Myrtle Louise Phillips, married William Howard George, 26, son of Eloil Lloyd George and Annie Tilley. Witnesses were Jeanette Peters and Frank Shepperd.

Records of that church also indicate that, on 15 March 1957, Earlene Elizabeth Peters, 19, daughter of John Robert Peters and Genevieve Heron of Sydney River, married Ronald Grant McGarrigle, 21, of Trenton, son of George McGarrigle and Greta Weismiller. Witnesses were Georgina Anne Peckham and an individual from Trenton ON whose name is not readable.

On 2 March 1961 at Christ Church Anglican, John Albert Mader, 19, son of Guy Mader and Mary Ann Peters, married Mary Marilyn Devereaux, 18, daughter of Angus Patrick Devereaux and Verlie Alfreda Foote. Witnesses were Clare (?) Dingwall and Richard Peters.

On 18 June 1962 at Christ Church Anglican, Richard James Peters, 22, son of Richard and Myrtle Phillips, married Carolyn Elizabeth Myatt, 19, daughter of Frederick Myatt and Irene Beck. Witnesses were Mrs. Jeannette Moffatt and David Myatt.

On 11 August 1962, at Christ Church Anglican, Charles Raymond Peters, 31 (?), son of Stuart Peters and Mona Robson, maried Pauline Sheilah Sheppard, 23, daughter of John E. Sheppard and Rachel Morrison. Witnesses were Ronald and Kathryn Lowther.

On 19 October 1963, at Bethel Presbyterian Church, Bonita Leslie Waye, 22, daughter of Leslie Waye of Sydney Mines and Lena Peters, married John William Butler, 23, born Halifax, son of George Butler (born Newfoundland) and Edith Salbu. (See obituary from 1995 below.)

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 25 February 1964 indicates that Mrs. Harold Peters of Mira Road, the former Catherine MacNeil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Urban MacNeil of Christmas Island, died the previous day. Her age is not given. She was survived by her husband; sons Charles (New Waterford) and Harold Jr. at home; daughters Bonnie (Mrs. Reg Wadden, Mira Rd.) and Donna (Mrs. Bob Frosst, Sydney Forks); and nine grandchildren.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 1 June 1964, with additional information on 2 June, indicates that Charles Peters died on 30 May at the age of 87. He was an employee of the city's water department for 57 years up to 1951, and was described as an "ardent" Liberal. His wife predeceased him 25 years before. He was survived by sons Richard, Pierce, Albert, John, Harold, Edward, Arthur (all of Sydney) and William (Halifax); daughters Evelyn (Mrs. Allison Turnbull), Ella (Mrs. Russell Hall), Mary (Mrs. Guy Mader), Gertrude (Mrs. Don MacKenzie) (all of Sydney), Winnifred (Mrs. Laurie Boyd), and Florence (Mrs. Fred Crooks) (both in Halifax); a brother Austin in Sydney; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. An obituary in the same paper on 10 January 1939 indicates that Gertrude Sara Peters, the daughter of Edmund and Margaret O'Grady of Halifax, died the previous night. Their 14 children are listed essentially as in her husband's obituary; there were 15 grandchildren at that time.

On 4 December 1965 at Christ Church Anglican, David Allison Mader, 22, son of Guy Mader and Mary Ann Peters, married Ethel Lorraine MacKinnon, 21, daughter of John Douglas MacKinnon and Florence May Lund of Dutch Brook. Witnesses were Murdoch Earl and Ruth Eleanor Ferguson.

On 30 July 1966, at Christ Church Anglican, Joan Eleanor Peters, 19, daughter of Albert Peters and Clare Morley (?) married Robert David Petrie, 21, son of Robert David Petrie and May MacDonald. Witnesses were Mrs. Patricia and Murray Brown.

On 19 November 1966 at Christ Church Anglican, Frederick Arthur Peters, 22, son of Robert Arthur Peters and Alice Josephine MacGillivray, married Evelyn Blanche MacPherson, 22, daughter of Hector MacPherson and Laura Blanche Kendall. Witnesses were David Ronald Myatt and Mrs. Shirley A. Bonaparte.

On 3 December 1966 at the same church, Gertrude Ann Peters, 21, sister of Frederick Arthur immediately above, married Harvey William Stone, 22, son of Malcolm Stone and Eliza Marsh. Witnesses were Bernard Lorway Stone and Gudie Marie Peters.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 12 February 1968 indicates that Richard J. (Dick) Peters of Mira Road died on 10 February at home at the age of 64. He was survived by his wife, the former Myrtle Phillips; sons Richard and Roy, both of Sydney; daughters Jeanette (Mrs. Robert Moffatt) and Isabel (Mrs. William George), both of Sydney; brothers William (Dartmouth), Pierce, Albert, John, Harold, Edward, Arthur (all of Sydney); sisters Evelyn (Mrs. A. D. Turnbull), Ellen (Mrs. R. M. Hall), Mary (Mrs. G. R. Mader), Gertrude (Mrs. D. MacKenzie), Winnifred (Mrs. L. R. Boyd), all of Sydney, and Florence (Mrs. Fred Crooks, Halifax).

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 8 March 1974 states that Austin Peters, 92, died at his residence, the home of his nephew Barney Peters, 724 Mira Rd. [See Robert Arthur Peters, below.] He was unmarried, and was predeceased by sisters Isabel and Annie (Mrs. A. G. Morrison), and brothers James, John, William, Richard, George and Charles.

On 30 September 1977 at Christ Church Anglican, Gertrude Florence Nadene Peters, 25, daughter of Thomas Edward Peters and June Maxine MacLeod of 1726 George St., married Thomas Richard Mayich, 23, a Roman Catholic and son of John Mayich and Josephine Swatko. Witnesses were John Stephen Mayich and Fay Estelle Balcom. [Note that the bride's sister also had the name Faye Estelle.] John Edward Mayich was born in Halifax on 18 May 1979 and baptised July 1 at Christ Church Anglican; his parents were Thomas Richard Mayich and Gertrude Florence Nadene Peters. [This couple also has a son Richard.]

On 3 June 1978 at Christ Church Anglican, George Charles Peters, 20, son of Robert Arthur and Alice Josephine Peters married Sheila Raylene Powell, 21, daughter of Norman Powell and Helen Elizabeth Hodgson. Witnesses were Harvey Stone and Natalie Hodgson.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 12 January 1979 indicates that Guy Robert Mader died on 10 January at the age of 74. He was survived by his wife, the former Mary Peters; sons William, Robert, Edward, John and David (all of Sydney); daughters Dorothy (Mrs. Robert Trenholm, Sydney), Elaine and Linda (at home); and fifteen grandchildren.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 19 May 1981 states that John Charles Peters (son of Charles and Gertrude O'grady Peters) died May 17 at the age of 67. He was survived by his wife Pauline Palmer, sons John Jr. in Calgary and Barry at home, brothers Bill (Halifax), Albert (Sydney), Percy, Harold, Edward and Arthur (all of Mira Rd.); and four sisters, Evelyn (Mrs. Allison Turnbull), Gertrude (Mrs. Donald McKenzie), Mary (Mrs. Guy Mader) (all of Mira Rd.), and Florence (Mrs. Fred Crooks, Halifax); as well as five stepchildren and 15 grandchildren. He was predeceased by sisters Ella and Winnie, and brother Richard.

Records of Hardwood Hill Cemetery indicate that Stuart (Stewart) Peters died 22 February 1982. However, no obituary could be found. An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 13 December 1983 states that Mrs. Annie Mona Peters (born Robson) died the previous day. No age is given. She was survived by sons C. Raymond and Stuart (Sonny) Peters, both of Sydney, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. The death of her husband Stuart in February 1982 is confirmed. She was predeceased by a son William (in infancy, the obit states) and by one grandson. Hardwood Hill Cemetery records indicate that a William Donald Peters died 25 August 1973 at the age of 22 and was buried in the same plot as William, Margaret, Earl, Stuart and Mona Peters; no obituary could be found, however.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 13 April 1987 indicated that Mrs. Evelyn Turnbull, daughter of Charles and Gertrude O'Grady Peters, had died the previous day at the age of 81. She was a Registered Nurse, graduating in 1929 from Sydney City Hospital. She was survived by her husband, Allison; son Graham Morrison, Nashville, Tennessee; brothers Percy, Arthur and Harold (all of Sydney); sisters "Girlie" (Mrs. Don MacKenzie) and Mrs. Mary Mader of Sydney, and "Sis" (Mrs. Fred Crooks, Halifax); and two grandchildren. She was predeceased by sisters Ella and Winnie and brothers Dick, Bill, Albert, Ned and John.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 2 January 1992 indicates that Robert Arthur (Barney) Peters, of Mira Road, son of Charles C. and Gertrude O'Grady Peters, had died the previous day at 71. He was survived by his wife, the former Alice MacGillivary; sons Fred, Tom, Gordon, George and Terry (all of Mira Road); daughters Ann (Mrs. Harvey Stone), Brenda (Mrs. Gerald Carson), Judy Peters-Barron, and Allison (Mrs. Glenn Locke) (all of Mira Road); sisters Mary Mader (Sydney), Girlie (Mrs. Donald MacKenzie) and Florence ("Sis", Mrs. Fred Crooks) (both of Halifax); brothers Pierce (Percy) and Harold (Had), both of Mira Road; 22 grandchildren; and 2 great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by brothers Richard, Bill, Albert, John and Tom (Ned) and sisters Evelyn, Ella and Winnie.

An obituary in the Chronicle-Herald of 25 August 1995 indicates that Leslie Waye, formerly of Sydney, had died in Mississauga, Ontario at the age of 86. He was predeceased by his wife, the former Lena Peters. He was survived by daughters Bonnie (Mrs. John Butler, Halifax), Joanne McQuinn of Calgary, Kathy (Mrs. Alex Alves, Brooklyn, ON), Lynn (Mrs. Thom Zaugg, Mississauga), Faye (Mrs. Larry Mosher, Mississauga); sons Bill (London, ON), Perry, George (Mississauga); Ross (Timberlea, NS), and Angus (Bridgewater); 16 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. (Information on the death of Lena Peters is being sought.)

Are the following really relevant?

Records of Bethel Presbyterian Church indicate that Evelyn Darlene Peters, daughter of Harold Pierce Peters and Joan Beverley MacGillivray, was born on 28 June 1963.

An obituary in the Cape Breton Post of 10 July 1975 states that Harold Pierce Peters, 40, had died in Port Colborne, Ontario. He was survived by daughters Darlene of Sydney and Marlene of Port Colborne, and brother Robert. (This does not appear to be a son of Charles Peters, who died in 1964, since the list of survivors is quite different.)

The Burchell Connection

As noted in Part V, Matilda Musgrave, daughter of Charles Musgrave and Ann Leslie was a great-granddaughter of Charles Grant and Nancy Gordon. According to records of Trinity Anglican Church, Sydney Mines, she married William Burchell on 21 November 1853. Witnesses were William Oram and Emily Moffatt. (The latter was her first cousin, who married William Gammell Johnston the following year. See Part V.)

The 1871 census for Sydney Mines mentions the following family (#147): Burchall, William, 40, COE, Irish, Labourer; Matilda, 36; George, 17, Clerk; Robert, 15; Headley, 13; Anna, 10; Blowers, 4; and Charles, 2. As this and later censuses reveal, Matilda was most probably born in 1834 or 5, rather than 1830 as Elva Jackson's card file suggests.

Records of Trinity Anglican Church indicate that Robert Leslie Burchell was born 1 (?) November 1856 to the same couple, and baptised 14 January 1857; Hedley Burchell was born 3 August 1859 and baptised 1 November; and Ann Ester was born 25 September 1861, baptised 17 November. Birth records of Cape Breton County, confirmed by those of Trinity Anglican Church, show the following children born to William Burchell and Matilda Musgrave: Blowers Burchell, b. 18 April 1867; Charles Alexander Burchell, b. 18 July 1869; and Susan McCarty Burchell, b. 19 January 1873. Finally, Trinity Anglican Church records show Bessie Howard Burchell baptised 8 September 1878. William is described as a coalcutter throughout.

Death records of Cape Breton County show that Blowers Burchell, 8, parents William and Matilda, died on 1 December 1875 of typhoid fever. This is confirmed by a line in Trinity Anglican Church records, undated, but consistent with the date in the county records.

Marriage records of Cape Breton County include the following marriages of the children and one grandson of William Burchell and Matilda Musgrave:

On 20 February 1883, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Sydney Mines, Hedley Burchell, 23, carting, married Emma Boyd, 20, daughter of Alex'r and Mary. Witnesses were George Oram and Alex Boyd.

On 25 April 1884, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Sydney Mines, George E. Burchell, 30, accountant, married Elizabeth Boyd, 20, also a daughter of Alex'r and Mary. Witnesses were Jn. McCormich Jr., and Isabella Lawlor.

On 23 April 1890, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Sydney Mines, Annie E. Burchell, 27, married William W. Johnstone, 24, farmer, of Little Bras d'Or. As noted in Part V, the groom was the son of William Gammell Johnstone and Emily Moffatt, and so was a second cousin of the bride. Further information on their descendants appears in Part V.

On 22 October 1890, in an Anglican ceremony at Sydney Mines, Robert L. Burchell, 33, clerk, married Bertha E. A. Longworth, 26 (?), daughter of Joseph and Mary. Witnesses are listed as Bertha A. E. Gregg and Robert L. Burchell, suggesting the names of the bride and groom were confused with those of the witnesses at some point.

On 17 October 1894, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Sydney Mines, Malcolm Stewart, 24, collier, son of Hugh and Christina, married Susie Burchell, 21. Witnesses were Dan McDonald and Hugh Stewart.

Somewhat later, on 24 November 1909, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Sydney Mines, William Burchell, 23, steelworker, son of George [collector of customs] and Elizabeth, married Mary Jane Baxendale, 24, born Wigan, England, daughter of Roger and Catherine. Witnesses were James Burchell and Katie Baxendale.

The 1891 census gives the following family groupings:

(#66) Burchell, Hadley, 27, COE, Pit Deputy; Emma, 25, wife, parents b. Scotland; Blowers, 8; Alexander, 5; Robert, 3; Mary, 1.

(#71) Burchell, William, 61, parents b. Ireland, COE, horse driver & farmer; Matilda, 56, wife; Charles, 21, horse driver; Susan, 18; Bessie, 12, telegraph operator. [The latter occupation may be intended for Susan rather than her younger sister. Recall that Susan was married three years later.]

(#78) Burchell, George, 36, COE, Bookkeeper Grocery Store; Elizabeth, 25, parents b. Scotland; Mary, 6; William, 4; John, 2; Alexander, 3 months.

(#234) Burchell, Robert, 30, COE, Clerk D&G Store; Burtha, 25, wife, father b. Ireland, mother b. Scotland.

Note that Hedley and George continue to describe themselves as Anglicans although they were married in the Presbyterian Church.

The 1901 census gives the following family groupings:

(#116) Burchell, Robert, b. 1 October 1857, 43, COE, Clk. Gen. Store; Bertha, wife, b. 28 Mar. 1864, 37; Cyril, b. 8 Jan. 1894, 6; Alfred W., 27 March 1899, 1.

(#24) Burchill, Hedley, b. (no date) 1861, 39, Coal Miner; Emma, b. 20 January 1864, 34; Alex, b. 14 September 1886, 14; Robert, b. June 1887, 13; Jennie, b. December 1874 [1894 intended], 6; Emma, b. October 1897, 3; Mary, b. January 1890, 10.

(#92) Burchell, George, b. 1 August 1854, 46, COE, Mgr. Gen. St.; Lizzie, b. (no date) 1866, 34; May, b. May 1885, 15; Willie, b. June 1887, 13; James, b. December 1891, 9; Murray, b. July 1893, 7; Ellan, b. 1 June 1895, 5.

(#93) Burchell, William, b. 20 March 1828, 72, b. Nfld, teamster; Matilda, wife, b. 15 February 1834, 67; Charles, b. 18 July 1869, 31, teamster; Blowers, grandson, b. 12 May 1885, 15, teamster. [Note that this is the first indication that William Burchell was born in Newfoundland.]

(#94) Stuart, Malcolm, b. 8 August 1869, 31, Presbyterian, overman mine; Aussie, wife, b. 19 May 1873, 27; William, adopted son, b. 25 May 1896, 4, b. Halifax.

Records of Trinity Anglican Church show the following children born to Robert and Bertha Burchell: Mary Leslie Burchell, born 1 September 1891, c. 23 November; Cyril Joseph Johnstone Burchell, b. 8 January 1895, c. 13 January; and Alfred William Barrington Burchell, b. 29 March 1900, c. 15 July.

Records of the same church show the following children born to George and Elizabeth Burchell: Matilda May Burchell, b. 2 May 1885, c. 2 December; William Burchell, b. 13 April 1888; James Burchell, b. 1 January 1891; Alexander Murray McNaughton Burchell, b. 1 January 1895; Ellen Susan Burchell, b. 1 January 1895; and George Abbott Burchell, b. 20 May 1903, c. 19 July. The second through fifth children were all baptised 15 May 1895.

Death records of Trinity Anglican Church show that Mary Leslie Burchell (apparently the daughter of Robert and Bertha) was buried on 2 May 1892 at the age of 8 months, and that Bertha Burchell (apparently Robert's wife) was buried on 18 March 1908 at the age of 44.

A list of fatalities in Nova Scotia mines prepared by the Glace Bay Miners Museum indicates that Mal. Stewart died in Sydney No. 1 colliery on 13 February 1908. That this was indeed Malcolm Stewart, husband of Susan Burchell, is confirmed by records of Brookside Cemetery, which indicate a burial of "Malcolm Stewart who died at Sydney Mines, Feb 13 1908, aged 33 years", together with "His wife Susan 1873 - 1954".

Attestation papers (i.e., enlistment in the army) have been found for four members of this family:

1) Alexander Burchell, son of Hedley Burchell, born 17 September 1886, enlisted 6 January 1916 at Fredericton. Alexander declares himself a Presbyterian and a widower. He was 5 feet, 6.5 inches in height, and had a 35 inch waist, blue eyes, black hair and an "appendix scar". See the headstone inscription and obituary below.

2) James Burchell, son of George and Elizabeth Burchell, born 2 January 1891, clerk, enlisted on 13 November 1916 in Halifax.

3) Joseph Cyril Burchell, b. 8 January 1895, accountant, single, son of Robert L. Burchell, Clyde Avenue, Sydney Mines, enlisted on 20 September 1917 in Halifax.

4) William Burchell, born 13 April 1887, engineer, married, son of George and Elizabeth Burchell enlisted on 21 April 1916 in Truro.

Regrettably, two of the above, both members of the Canadian Field Artillery, died overseas. Joseph Cyril Burchell, a signaller, died on 11 August 1918 and is buried in Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, just east of Amiens, France. On 21 August 1918, James Burchell, driver, died, and he was buried in Rosieres Communal Cemetery Extension, also in France. These two deaths in war are, of course, earlier than those of Edward O'Neill and Gordon Boutilier from World War II, and bring to four the total number of known deaths in war of descendants of Charles Grant and Nancy Gordon.

Headstone inscriptions from Brookside Cemetery include the following:

Side 1: William Burchell 1829 - 1914
His wife Matilda 1834 - 1930

No obituary has yet been obtained for either. Also in that plot is

Mary E. Burchell 1885 - 1911

This appears to be the daughter of George Burchell and Elizabeth Boyd.

An obituary which appeared in the Sydney Post of 17 December 1924 indicated that George Burchell had died the previous day. He was formerly customs officer at Sydney Mines, but was relieved of that position after the 1911 elections. He then joined the office staff of the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Company. He was survived by his wife; sons William (Sydney Mines), George (Dominion Iron and Steel Co., Sydney) and Murray (well known baseball player with the Discos team, Sydney); daughter, Mrs. Crosbie (Sydney Mines); brothers Hedley and Charles; sister Mrs. Johnston (Little Bras d'Or). A son James had died overseas serving with the Sydney Field Battery.

Headstone inscriptions from Brookside Cemetery include the following:

In memory of
Elizabeth beloved wife of George E. Burchell
1870 - 1928

Muriel Bel dau of Mary J. Burchell
Sept 26 1913 age 2 yr

Muriel would appear to be the daughter of William Burchell and Mary Jane Baxendale, and so a granddaughter of Elizabeth immediately above.

Headstone inscriptions from Lakeside Cemetery include the following:

Johnston William W. Johnston 1866 - 1944
His wife Annie E. Burchell 1862 - 1936

No obituary has yet been obtained for either of them.

Records of Carmen United Church (formerly Presbyterian), Sydney Mines, show the following deaths: Mrs. Ellen Burchell, 27, b. 1 December 1900, d. 26 November 1927, tuberculosis; Edward Everett Burchell, 31, d. 12 November 1930, pneumonia; Charles Burchell, 75, d. 29 July 1944, paralysis; and Miss Lois Burchell. 20, d. 18 December 1947 at Kentville, tuberculosis.

Everett died 12 November 1930 at the age of 31, and is buried in Lakeside. His wife Ellen Jane is buried beside him. Ellen was born 1 December 1900 and died 26 November 1927 of TB; she must therefore have died very shortly after Lois was born. In the same plot as Everett and Ellen (as well as William and Matilda) is Mary Jane Burchell, 1874-1933. So far, no marriage record of Charles Burchell and Mary J. MacDonald has been found. In particular, Charles was still living with his parents as of 1901, and had neither wife nor son living with him. The only Everett in Sydney Mines of a likely age as of 1901 was Everett MacDonald, born 4 May 1898, who is found in Family 258 and described (incongruously) as a "partner"; in the same family group is Mary J. MacDonald, born 2 May 1874. It therefore appears that Everett was born before Charles and Mary J. were married. As for Ellen, the most likely candidate is Ellen Lettuce, daughter of John J. and Jane Lettuce (Family 105), whose birthdate is given as 13 December 1900. According to his obituary, Charles was buried in Brookside Cemetery, but his name appears never to have been added to the headstone inscription.

A headstone in Brookside Cemetery, Sydney Mines indicates that Hedley Burchell died in 1939, and his wife Emma Boyd in 1935. (Other burials in the same plot are mentioned below.)

The obituary for Charles Burchell (Sydney Post, 31 July 1944) indicates that his wife had died eleven years before, and that he was survived by a sister, Mrs. Susan Stewart of Bras d'Or; two sons, Harry in Detroit and Q.M.S. Leslie, then in Sydney Mines; and by a granddaughter Lois who resided with him. Lois Burchell died at 20 in the Kentville Sanatarium on 18 December 1947. Her obituary two days later indicates that she was the only daughter of Everett Burchell, and that her funeral was conducted from the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Young of Prince St., Sydney Mines. Combining this information with that from the headstone in Brookside Cemetery shown below indicates that Mary Jane Burchell, 1874 - 1933, was the wife of Charles, and that Everett and Ellen were his son and daughter-in-law. It therefore appears that Ellen died very shortly after the birth of Lois.

Two obituaries which appeared in the Cape Breton Post of 31 October 1949 and 9 April 1969 give information on Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Johnston, mentioned above and also in Part V. Mrs. Charles Johnstone, the former Annabelle Mackenzie (daughter of Kenneth MacKenzie and Rebecca Matheson) died on the former date at age 53. She was survived by her husband; sons David W. (attending MacDonald College, Quebec), Wilbert, Gordon and John (all at home); one sister and three brothers. Charles Johnston of Johnson Road died 8 April 1969 at age 78. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston, the operator of Springfield Farms, and an elder in St. Andrew's United Church, Little Bras d'Or. He was survived by sons David and Wilbert (at home), Gordon (British Columbia), and John (Montreal), as well as two grandchildren. Both are buried in Lakeside Cemetery. [These sons and the two grandchildren have already been named in Part V. See below regarding Wilbert Johnston.]

Headstone inscriptions from Trinity Anglican Cemetery include the following:

Mary J. 1885 - 1952
Beloved wife and mother

It appears that the above is Mary Jane Baxendale, wife of William Burchell, son of George. No obituary has yet been located for her.

An obituary from the Chronicle-Herald of 12 October 1961 indicates that Blowers Burchell had died the previous day at age 77. He was unmarried. Surviving were sisters Mrs. A. L. Malloy (Montreal), Mrs. C. Hastings (Cambridge, MA), and Mrs. Jennie Collier (Sydney Mines); brothers Alex (Sydney Mines) and Robert (California). As noted below, he is interred in Brookside Cemetery.

An obituary from the Cape Breton Post of 20 December 1965 indicates that James Burchell, a resident of Sydney Mines, a member of Immaculate Conception Parish in that town and vice-principal of Riverview Rural High School, had died suddenly the previous night at age 45. He was described as the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Burchell. He was survived by his wife Miriam McGrath; daughters Susan, Ann and Mary Jane (all at home); sons James (attending St. F. X. U., Antigonish) [see below], William (attending Riverview) and Emmett (at home); sister Muriel (Mrs. Warren D'Orsay, Westmount); and brother Wilbert (New Glasgow). Despite the variation of the name of the brother in New Glasgow, it appears that this James Burchell was the brother of Wilfred Burchell in the obituary below, and so a son of William Burchell and Mary Jane Baxendale. A headstone inscription in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Sydney Mines, indicates that his wife Miriam E. was born 14 Oct 1922 and died 24 June 1968.

An obituary which appeared in the Cape Breton Post of 23 November 1971 indicates that Alexander Burchell of 20 Main St., Sydney Mines, died the previous night at the age of 86. He was a retired clerk and a veteran of World War I, avidly interested in local baseball, and had operated a taxi business at one time. Twice married, he was predeceased by his first wife, the former May Brown. From that marriage, he was survived by a daughter, Mrs. Mary Belle MacKenzie (New York) and a son Harris (Sydney Mines). He was also survived by his second wife, the former Ann MacLean; daughters Mrs. Eugene Swartzack (Antigonish), Mrs. Len Arsenault (Sydney Mines), Emma (VG Hospital, Halifax) and Ann (Mrs. Jerry MacLean, Sardis, BC); sisters Mrs. Jennie Collier (Sydney Mines) and Mrs. Lon Malloy (Goldboro, Guysborough Co., NS); brother Robert (California); and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by a brother, Blowers; sister, Mrs. Mary Hastings; daughter, Mrs. Mary Bragg; and a son Wesley. A headstone inscription from Lakeside Cemetery confirms the date of death, and indicates he was a Sergeant in the 58th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Records of Brookside Cemetery, Sydney Mines, indicate that Harris Burchell, 1907 - 1986, is interred there. The headstone also mentions a wife, Ruth C., born in 1909. Buried in the same plot with Hedley and Emma Burchell are: Genevieve M. Collier
1894 - 1983, Daughter of Emma and Hedley Burchell; Blowers Burchell 1885 - 1961;
and R. Wesley 1910 - 1934. It would appear these are the sister, brother and son mentioned in the preceding obituary.

An obituary which appeared in the Cape Breton Post of 11 January 1983 indicates that Mrs. Genevieve Collier, daughter of Headley [sic] and Emma (Boyd) Burchell, died the previous day at age 88. She was survived by daughters Vivian (Mrs. Gus Walsh, Sydney Mines) and Beatrice (Mrs. Alfred Spence, Montreal); son Floyd (Sydney Mines); sister Emma (Mrs. Al Maloy, Goldsborough, NS); brother Robert (California); and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by brothers Alex and Blowers, and sister Mary.

An obituary from the Chronicle-Herald of 28 April 1986 indicates that William Harris Burchell, son of Alexander and Elizabeth Burchell, died on 26 April at the age of 79. He was a retired stevedore. He was survived by his wife Ruth Gillis; daughter Gwen (Mrs. Charles Collier, Sydney Mines); sons Wes (Sydney Mines), Lorne (Louisbourg), David (Guelph, ON), and Wayne (Toronto); sister Maribell (NYC); stepsisters Joan (Mrs. Eugene Swatzack, Antigonish), Elizabeth (Mrs. Len Arsenault, Sydney Mines), Emma (Mrs. William Merritt, Sydney Mines), and Anne (Mrs. Gerald MacLeod, Calgary); 15 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by a brother Wes and a sister Bessie. He is interred in Brookside Cemetery.

An obituary in the Chronicle-Herald of 15 April 1994 indicates that James Charles Burchell, son of the late James Burchell and Miriam McGrath died the previous day at the age of 48. He was the owner and operator of Shoppers Drug Mart in North Sydney and Sydney Mines, and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was survived by his wife Sheila MacIntyre; son Jim (Provo, Utah); daughter Shannon (Mrs. Thomas Power, North Sydney); brothers William (Sydney Mines) and Emmett (North Sydney); sisters Anne (Mrs. Paul Walker, Sydney Mines), Mary Jane (Mrs. Mark Hepworth, Halifax) and Susan (Mrs. Mort Schurman, Truro). He was buried in Brookside Cemetery; his headstone inscription is available on-line.

An obituary from the Chronicle-Herald of 27 September 1996 indicates that Wilfred Burchell, son of William Burchell and Mary Jane Baxendale had died in New Glasgow the previous day at the age of 83. He was a graduate of Dalhousie University with an MA in English, principal of New Glasgow High School, and superintendant of schools in that town. He was survived by his wife, Martha Lee Fraser; daughter Marilyn (Mrs. Robert MacQueen, Lower Sackville); son William (vice-principal of Astral Drive Junior High, Fall River); grandchildren Jamie and Kerry MacQueen, and Jessica Burchell. He was predeceased by brother James and sister Muriel D'Orsay. He is interred in Lorne Street Cemetery, New Glasgow.

The following obituary appeared in the Cape Breton Post of 19 July 2002, while this research was ongoing. The deceased is a grandson of Annie Burchell and William Wallace Johnstone:

Wilbert C. Johnston, 71, Georges River

Wilbert Charles Johnston, 71, a resident of Johnston Road, Georges River, passed away Thursday, July 18, 2002, at home on his farm, following a brief battle with cancer.
Born in North Sydney, he was a son of the late Charles and Annabelle (MacKenzie)
Johnston. Wilbert graduated from the N.S. Agricultural College in 1952, and soon after followed his passion and began working the family farm. He and his brother David, recently retired, worked side by side as dairy farmers for most of their lives. He is survived by his wife, Kay (MacLeod) Johnston; three brothers, John, Bras d'Or, Gordon, Alberta, and David, at home; two nephews, William and David Johnston, Halifax.

Some unrelated Grant burials in Greenwood Cemetery:

Near the graves of William and Martha Grant are stones reading as follows:

Father John Grant 1873 - 1941
Mother Mary E. Grant 1883 - 1973
Daughter Sara Robertson Grant 1908 - 1998
Son Robert Grant 1923 - 1999

This John Grant is almost certainly the son of John Grant, a Scottish immigrant who died in Glace Bay in 1891, and his wife Christy. He is listed in the 1901 census as single, and still residing with his widowed mother. His wife was Mary Hillier, daughter of John and Sarah Hillier. Among his siblings is Wilson Grant, b. 1 September 1886.

Nearby are the graves of Charles Scott (1869 - 1957) and his wife Flora J. Grant (1874-1952). She was a daughter of John and Christy Grant, and hence a sister to John (above) and Wilson. They were married on 17 October 1895 in a Presbyterian ceremony at Caledonia Mines.

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