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Part 4

Results of recent research into descendants of Charles Grant in the Sydney - Glace Bay area of Nova Scotia

Part IV

Douglass L. Grant

Sources: Church records of St. Paul's Anglican Church, Port Morien, Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Dominion, All Saints Anglican Church, New Waterford, and Calvin United Church, New Waterford, together with a Gedcom (genealogical) file on the Boutilier family in the Beaton Institute and material supplied by Charles Buchanan which originated with Donna Campbell of Kelowna, B. C.; card files on the Lewis, Smith, Bayley and Moffatt families created by Elva Jackson and housed in the Beaton Institute.

June 23, 2000:

Re descendants of James Boutilier and Udvilla Grant:

As noted in Part I, this couple was married on 6 January, 1873, at the Church of England at the Gowrie, the bride being the daughter of Peter Grant and Mary Ann Dolman and the groom the son of David and Jane Boutilier. According to an Internet source on the Boutiliers, James was a descendant of the following line: John David, John David, Jacques James, Jean George, Guillaume, Nicholas. The bride's name is unusual, and spelled in various ways in different records. The nearest equivalent in other genealogies of the time appears to be "Udavilla", with presumed accent on the second syllable.

The couple resided in Cow Bay until the late 1890's, then moved to Old Bridgeport. James was a miner while in Cow Bay, a carpenter in Old Bridgeport. They had eleven known children: Henry Irvin (b. 21 December 1873, d. 6 June 1874, both from birth and death records of Cape Breton County); Charles David (b. 9 July 1875); Peter Wilson (b. 15 November 1877 by St. Paul's church records, recorded in 1881 and 1891 censuses, but not in 1901; d. 4 January 1899 from an Internet source); James Henry (b. 9 March 1881); Louis Clifford (b. 19 November 1884); Arthur (b. 2 February 1886); Emma Jane (b. 28 July 1889); George Robert (b. 9 January 1893 by 1901 census, but 7 January 1891 by St. Paul's church records, which give a baptismal date in 1891); Sarah Winfred (b. 27 November 1894; by an Internet source, b. 4 November 1893, d. 15 Dec 1964); Ann (b. 22 November 1896); and Henry (b. 25 November 1899). [Except as noted, birthdates are from the 1901 census.] No date of death for either James or Udvilla has been found, but, as will be seen below, both can be presumed to have died before November of 1925.

Children of James and Udvilla:

Louis Clifford married Sarah Matilda (Sadie) Phillips on 14 July 1910. Their known children are John A. (Buck) (born about 1908 if his obituary is accurate; see below); Gordon (killed during World War II); Rita (Mrs. Robert Peddle); Dorothy (Mrs. David Hartigan); Millie (Mrs. Raymond Hill); Clayton Louis, b. about 1924; and Wilson James (Boots), b. about 1927. Louis died on 7 September 1967, and his wife on 3 June 1978. They are buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Scotchtown.

John A. Boutilier married Gladys MacPherson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Colin MacPherson of Bridgeport. Their children included Beverley Jane (b. 28 May 1943) and Sheila. Beverley married Lloyd Shupe of New Waterford, and Sheila married James Cashen of Dartmouth. John A. died on 20 September 1978, and Gladys on 24 November 1979.

Clayton married Yvonne Theresa Lefort on 25 January 1944 at Calvin United Church. Their children were Clayton George, b. 25 August 1944; Gordon Roy, b. 26 October 1945, d. 29 October 1945; Robert Joseph, b. 14 August 1947; Richard Stanley, b. about 1950 (see below); Marlene Yvonne, b. 13 June 1956; John David, b. 27 May 1958;

Wilson married Margaret Jane MacDonald on 14 May 1953, also at Calvin. They had sons Gordon Roy (b. 14 December 1953), Wilson James Jr. (b. 27 August 1957), and Raymond Louis (b. 29 April 1960), and daughter Shirley (m. MacCormick).

Richard Stanley Boutilier married Sharon Brenda Anne Ferguson of Sydney on 14 August 1970 at Calvin. They had a daughter, Lisa Yvonne, on 19 February 1971.


Arthur (apparently "Mattie" in 1891 census) married Gertrude Phillips on 12 September 1912. Arthur was the only fatality in a fall of stone in Dominion No. 12 Colliery on Saturday, 7 November 1925. Besides his widow, he left three sons, Elmer (b. 1915), Judson (b. 1917), and Harold (b. 1919). Arthur's obituary gives other survivors: brothers Louis and Robert in New Waterford, Charlie and Wilson in Boston; sister Mrs. Howard Murrant, New Waterford (see below); two other sisters married in Boston. [His parents are not listed.] {There is an eerie similarity between this death and that of Udvilla's brother Arthur Grant in 1899. Besides the given names, both were 38, and both were married with three children at the time of their tragic deaths.} Gertrude died on 10 February 1961, and is buried in Union Grove Cemetery.

Descendants of Arthur Boutilier and Gertrude Phillips:

Elmer married Hilda Clark and they had a son, Arthur Wilson, b. 30 December 1939. He was resident in Toronto at the time of his mother's death.

Judson married Thelma MacPhee, and their children include Judson Gilford (b. 17 May 1951) and Ruth Margarite (b. 25 October 1952). Thelma died on 15 August 1979.

Judson Gilford Boutilier, Jr., married Rosemary Mombourquette (daughter of Arthur Alphonse Mombourquette and May Ropek) on (date to be supplied). Their children include Chad Louis (b. 25 September 1980), and Lee Justin (b. 6 April 1983).

Harold married Margaret Noseworthy, and their children include Audrey Marilyn (b. 11 May 1940), Florence (b. 1942), Judith Marguerite (b. 30 November 1945), Carol Letitia (b. 20 November 1947), Linda Ruth (b. 23 July 1950) and Dawn (b. 1958). Harold was resident in Calgary at the time of his mother's death. Margaret died in 1998.

Of the children of Harold Boutilier and Margaret Noseworthy, Florence married Ray Pomeroy, and they had a son David Pomeroy; Audrey married Tony Hiscock, and had sons Harold and Tony; Letitia Carole married John Allan Wilson (b. 1945), and had children Letitia Marilyn (b. 1964), Donald Ernest (b. 1966), and Kevin Michael (b. 1972).

Letitia Marilyn Wilson married first Daniel Chase, and had a son Andrew, b. 1983, and then Ken Bath, with whom she had a daughter Letitia Lee Bath, b. 1989.

Donald Ernest Wilson married Nicole Cunnington.

Kevin Michael Wilson has a son, Tyler Jamieson (b. 1989) whose mother is Carrie Jamieson.


Emma Jane married Howard Murrant on 2 July 1906. He died in New Waterford on 28 April 1968, and she on 8 December 1968. Their known children were Cecil Edward (b. 1907), John Howard (b. 31 May 1914), Murray Wilson (b. 25 September 1918), Purvis Clarence (b. 5 March 1920), and Anna Isabel (b. 1924).

Cecil Edward married Catherine Elizabeth Currie on 29 November 1929.

Anna Isabel married Wilfred Joseph McNeil on 1 May 1940. Both marriages were at Calvin.

George Robert married Elma Young of Glace Bay, time and place unknown. He died 14 January, 1970, at which time his only surviving sibling was his sister Ann. His wife was then a patient in Victoria Haven, Glace Bay. Their children, as listed in the obituary, were Arthur, Sydney; Robert, Toronto; Clifford, New Waterford; Elma (Mrs. Richard Fogarty, Toronto); and Georgina (Mrs. Tom Hogan, 111 Wood Ave., New Waterford, with whom he resided). [A Tom Hogan, Jr., resides in New Waterford as of June, 2000.] A sister, Mrs. Annie House of Glace Bay, is also listed. George Robert Boutilier was buried in All Saints Anglican Cemetery, New Waterford.

Georgina Boutilier married Thomas Hogan, 21, on 28 April 1941. {However, Thomas Hogan appears to have had a second marriage later. This aspect is still being researched.}

Sarah Winfred married Charles Jennings Burke (b. 16 June 1897) on. 6 March 1919, according to the same Internet source quoted above. Location of her marriage and eventual residence, and site of her death are not given.

Ann is presumed to have acquired the married name House, and to have lived both in Boston and in Glace Bay, from the above obituaries. Nothing further is known about her.

No further information is available about the last child of James and Udvilla, Henry, although Arthur's obituary suggests that Henry was no longer living as of 1925.

Efforts continue to obtain a date of death and to locate the burial place of James and Udvilla, and to trace further descendants of this couple.

June 27, 2000

Further to descendants of Alonzo Grant:

Stanley Angus Grant, son of Alonzo Grant and Catherine MacDonald, died on 9 September 1966 in New Waterford. He was survived by his wife, a son Kirkwood of Sydney, and daughters Mrs. Ada Gillis of New Waterford and Olive, Mrs. A. W. R. MacLean of Ontario. Surviving brothers were Jack in Kingston, N. S. and Alonzo in Dominion; a sister, Mary (Mrs. William Bennett) of Donkin also survived. A sister, Mrs. James Murrant of Donkin predeceased him.

Kirkwood Ross Grant married Mildred Hallett. Their children included Kirkwood Ross (b. 21 April 1946 in Sydney), Ronald Allister (b. 28 June 1948 in Sydney), Norina Christina Lee (b. 8 December 1950 in Sydney), and Wendy Patricia (b. 7 March 1955).

Alonzo Grant (properly Jr., or II) died 19 October 1986. As of this writing, his widow Elizabeth Clarke survives him, as does his son Alonzo, also resident in Dominion. His obituary also lists a surviving son, Kenneth, then resident in Toronto, and a sister, Mae Bennett, resident in Donkin, as well as seven grandchildren.

June 28, 2000

Re Rosie Grant:

The 1901 census records for Sydney have been reexamined, this time using a magnifying glass. The date of birth for Rosie Grant, then resident on the Esplanade, Sydney, with her grandmother, Evelina Boutilier (age 67) is in fact 29 December 1883 and not 1893, making her 17 at the time. Also living with Evelina at the time were twin sons Edward A. and Branch E., both born 10 January 1870, and two boarders with the same indecipherable last name (C........oll). This means she would have been almost 24 (and evidently still unmarried) when she witnessed the Jefferson/MacKinnon wedding on 20 December 1907. This greatly strengthens the possibility that she was in fact a daughter of the first marriage of Alonzo Grant to Rebecca Boutilier (solemnized 20 September 1882). The date of birth of William, almost undoubtedly the son of that marriage, is given in the same census as 6 April 1883. If both birthdates are correct, then Rosie was born just under nine months after her older brother. While this researcher has been able to discover no recollection of such an event, the sequence of dates cited is consistent with Rebecca having died in childbirth with Rosie or shortly thereafter. {Another addition to
the red herring collection: Hardwood Hill Cemetery records include one Rose Grant who died 2 May 1974. This lady's obituary indicates that she was a native of Minnesota, that her age at death was 82, and that her second husband was a James Grant, who predeceased her in 1961. There were no children of the marriage.}

July 2, 2000:

Further to Alfred Grant:

The reference in Part III indicates there is a contradiction as to the name of his mother, Sarah or Ann, and hence as to whether his father was Charles B. or Alexander (the younger). Elva Jackson concludes, apparently from Alfred's residence with Charles and Sarah Grant in 1871, that he was the son of Charles and Sarah. This researcher's conflicting interpretation is based on Alfred's own declaration at the time of his marriage. While we have identified some omissions and a few erroneous dates in Elva Jackson's family tree, this would be the first major error which appears to have occurred. Further efforts will be made to confirm which interpretation is correct, but the passage of time makes this difficult. So far, no firm date of death and hence no obituary is available for Alfred Grant.

July 16, 2000

Re descendants of Henry Grant and Susan Stacey:

The following is copied from the website on Gabarus families. Henry Grant was, as mentioned earlier, a son of Peter Grant and Mary Ann Dolman, and hence a brother of Udavilla, Arthur and William (husband of Martha Rankin), among others. This passage contains a few omissions (such as Mary Ann Dolman's last name) and minor errors (Henry Grant and Susan Stacey are buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Johnston Road, near North Sydney, not in Gabarus). However, the listing of descendants for Susan Stacey (and hence of Henry Grant) is accurate to this writer's knowledge. The boldface numbers which appear at the left indicate that, for example, Susan Stacey was the sixth child of her father, and her father was the eleventh child of his father; Winifred Grant was her first child, Adell her second, and so on.

(11)6 Susan3 STACEY was a Baptist to United Church, and of English ancestry. She was born circa 1863 in Gabarus, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. She married Henry GRANT, son of Peter GRANT and Mary (--?--), on 30 Nov 1886 in Cow Bay, Port Morien, Cape Breton, NS, Canada. She married Henry GRANT, son of Peter GRANT and Mary (--?--), on 30 Nov 1887. She died on 27 Dec 1951 in Leitches Creek, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was buried after 27 Dec 1951 in Lakeview Cemetery, Gabarus, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
(11)61 Winifred4 GRANT married (--?--) CARTER. She was born circa 1886 in Leitches Creek, Cape Breton, NS, Canada.
(11)611 Arline5 CARTER is still living.
(11)612 Lois5 CARTER is still living.
(11)613 Jean5 CARTER is still living.
(11)62 Adell4 GRANT and William H. COLEMAN they had one son who lived in England. She married William H. COLEMAN. She was born circa 1888 in Leitches Creek, Cape Breton, NS, Canada. She died on 19 Aug 1920.
(11)63 Jane "Jenny"4 GRANT was a Baptist to United Church and of English ancestry. She was born on 16 Mar 1890 in Leitches Creek, Cape Breton, NS, Canada. She was born in 1892. She married Wallace Grenville LEWIS, son of George Vinson LEWIS and Alice Jemima RUDDERHAM, circa 1914. She died on 16 Feb 1976 in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
(11)631 Clara5 LEWIS is still living.
(11)6311 Jeanett6 DOYLE is still living.
(11)63111 Jenice7 MACARTHUR is still living.
(11)6312 Carolyn6 DOYLE is still living.
(11)63121 James7 LARUSIC is still living.
(11)632 Hilton5 LEWIS was a Member of St. George Anglican Church. He was a retired CNR engineer. He married Isabel MACDONALD. He was born circa 1916 in Point Edward, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He died on 20 Feb 1991 in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. He was buried after 20 Feb 1991 in Hardwood Hill Cemetery, Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
(11)6321 Gary6 LEWIS is still living.
(11)64 Hilton4 GRANT was a Baptist to United Church and of English ancestry. He was born in 1896 in Leitches Creek, Cape Breton, NS, Canada. He married Jane "Jenny" CAMPBELL circa 1920. He died in 1970.
(11)641 Ruth5 GRANT is still living.
(11)6411 Leslie6 CROSSEN is still living.
(11)6412 Wayne6 CROSSEN is still living.
(11)642 Allister5 GRANT is still living.
(11)6421 Lynn6 GRANT is still living.
(11)643 Arthur5 GRANT is still living.
(11)6431 Diane6 GRANT is still living.
(11)6432 Shelly6 GRANT is still living.
(11)6433 Magaret6 GRANT is still living.
(11)6434 James6 GRANT is still living.
(11)6435 Dennis6 GRANT is still living.
(11)6436 Troy6 GRANT is still living.
(11)65 Harold G.4 GRANT was born in Nov 1901 in Leitches Creek, Cape Breton, NS, Canada. He died on 15 Jun 1902 in Leitches Creek, Cape Breton, NS, Canada.

July 29, 2000:

Further to descendants of Alexander Grant:

Some evidence has been obtained that the family of Alexander Grant, the younger, which disappeared from the census (except for Alfred) may have relocated to the United States. (See Part III.) References have been found on the Mormon website to the marriage of a Milton H. Grant to Angie Almira Burlingame at Three Rivers, Hampden, Massachusetts on 12 March 1887, and to that of a Levonia E. Grant to William Edwin Ingersoll, about 1888, in Maine. If these are two of Alexander's children, they would have been about 33 and 27, respectively, at the times of the weddings. No information has yet been obtained on the family connections of any of the participants in these marriages, and the spelling of the name "Levonia" as opposed to "Lavinia" is clearly discrepant. It is not clear that the mystery of the vanishing family has yet been solved. An obituary for Alfred would clearly be helpful, but no such has yet been found.

Anna Grant, the daughter of Charles Henry Grant and Eliza Ball, was born about 1846 and married William James MacKay (son of Robert and Anna, born about 1842 in Nova Scotia), a farmer resident at Ball's Creek, on 12 December 1867 in the Church of England at Coxheath. The couple continued to reside at Ball's Creek, and had the following children, with approximate dates of birth in parentheses: Wilmot A. (1868), Annie Laurie (1870) [Burns scholars take note!], Lawrence (1872), Henrietta (1874), Lloyd Price (1877), Charles (1879), Robert (1885), Earl (1887), and Alice (1889). [As usual, there are discrepancies in later censuses. In 1891, for example, Annie's age is given as greater than Wilmot's. William's occupation is given as carpenter in 1881, farmer in both 1871 and 1891.]

Robert and Anna MacKay, William's parents, lived at Ball's Bridge in 1871. Their ages were 59 and 51, respectively. Both were Anglican and "Scotch" in origin, and Robert was a farmer. Also in their household were Elizabeth, 23; Frances, 18; and Cecelia, 12, all with surname MacKay and presumably younger sisters of William. Two much younger children (possibly orphans or foster children) also lived with them, namely, Hamond McInnis, 3 (also Anglican and "Scotch"), and Lousia Beshall, 2, French, b. St. Peter's, and Catholic. No member of this family is found in Ball's Creek in 1881.

A William MacKay died 28 April 1926 at Little Bras d'Or, and is buried in Lakeside Cemetery, North Sydney. Research is ongoing into the descendants of William MacKay and Anna Grant, and into the descendants of her siblings.

Further to descendants of John Woods and Alice Grant:

Further examination of marriage records confirms that all three of the men surnamed Woods resident in Cow Bay in 1891 (and mentioned in Part III) were indeed sons of John Woods and Alice Grant. The oldest of the three, John Woods, blacksmith, then aged 25 and giving his birthplace as Sydney, married Elizabeth Keating, 30, daughter of Nick. Keating and Ann Kavanagh, in a Roman Catholic ceremony in Sydney on 23 February 1868. (John's father John Woods was described as a laborer.) Charles Batho. Woods,
miner, 26, also born in Sydney, was married to Mary Ellen Blisdell, 22, daughter of Thomas and Christina Blisdell, in a Baptist ceremony at Cow Bay on 9 December 1876. (Thomas Blisdell, 51, a widower born in Manchester, G.B., and giving his occupation as chairmaker, was himself married to a Margaret McDonald, 35, of St. Ann's, daughter of Norman and Christy, in a Presbyterian ceremony at Cow Bay on 16 February 1877.) Research into the descendants of all three sons of Alice Grant is also ongoing.

A mysterious obituary, accidentally found:

While searching for another obituary, this researcher found an obituary for a George F. Grant of Quincy, Massachusetts in the Cape Breton Post of January 16, 1964. His wife was Laura Maude Lewis, and information was supplied by the brother-in-law of the deceased, Charles W. Lewis of Edwardsville. The recently deceased George Grant was described in the obituary as a frequent visitor to Cape Breton, but not as a native. The question then arises as to whether he was a member of this family tree, or a much more distantly related member of the clan whom Laura Lewis met in Massachusetts. Marriage records of Cape Breton County show that George Grant, 24, farmer, of Point Edward (son of Charles Henry and Mariah, herself a Lewis at birth) married Nellie Lewis, 21, of Edwardsville (daughter of Charles and Annie), on 9 April 1901. However, Mitchell Island Cemetery contains a headstone for George D. Grant (30 May 1877 - 25 February 1962) and Nellie Mae (17 July 1879 - 9 September 1956), together with George's unmarried sister Margaret Grant (15 February 1870 - 13 February 1946). Since the obituary indicates the funeral took place in Quincy, it appears that the George Grant who died there in 1964 was in fact not a member of this family. (The difference in middle initials is possibly significant, but less persuasive; the letters "d" and "f" are side by side on a typewriter.) The neatness of that logical conclusion is marred by some other evidence, however. Nellie did have a brother Charles, born about 1886 by the 1891 census, and there is a grave of a Charles W. Lewis in Mitchell Island, giving dates 5 November 1884 - 24 January 1968. Unfortunately, in 1891, there was also a Laura Lewis, then 12, resident in Ball's Creek (which included Edwardsville for census purposes), the daughter of Dougall and Ann Lewis, and she also had a brother Charly (presumably Charles), then 16. This second Charles would have been born about 1875, and so would have been 88 or 89 if still living in 1964. It therefore seems that the informant was Nellie's brother rather than Laura's, which makes the identification as brother-in-law of the 1964 deceased a problem. Some further research into obituaries and survivor lists will be undertaken.

Susan Alice Grant and the Lewis Connection:

Marriage records of Cape Breton County indicate that, on 17 January 1866, in a Church of England ceremony at the Northwest Arm, Joseph Napoleon Lewis married Eliza Harriet Grant, both residents of the Northwest Arm. Ages of the couple are not given, nor are the names of their parents. Witnesses were John Grant and Richard Uniacke. Elva Jackson gives Joseph's parents as Joseph Henry Lewis and Christina Fraser. On yet another examination of the 1881 census of Ball's Creek, the household of Joseph N. Lewis, 42, Baptist, farmer and his wife Liza H., 39, has been found to include Susan A. Grant, 54, Baptist and English. The Lewis children are William G., 14; Maggie, 12; Howard, 6; John M., 3; and George A., 11 months, born April. Elva Jackson notes that Susan Alice Grant (1827 - 1907) was an unmarried daughter of John H. Grant and hence a sister of Charles Henry Grant. Eliza Harriet does not appear in Elva Jackson's list of John H. Grant's children, but her date of birth (1841 by her grave marker) makes it consistent that she was in fact another daughter of John H. Grant and Mary Ann Moore, in which case Eliza and her husband had taken in her older unmarried sister. By her grave market, Eliza Harriet Grant died in 1888, and it is possible that Eliza's health was already declining, contributing to the decision to take in Susan. However, Joseph N. Lewis married Emily Grantmyre on 4 June 1890. It is unsurprising that Susan was no longer residing with the family by 1891. No reference to her has yet been found in the 1891 or 1901 censuses. She is buried in Lakeside Cemetery, North Sydney, with date of death 21 February 1907. Somewhat incongruously, there is a footstone reading "mother" on her grave.

All members of this family of Lewises are buried in Mitchell Island. Joseph was born in 1838, died in 1923, and survived all his children. The listed dates for their children are: Melbourne J. 1877-1881; George A. 1880 - 1905; Annie L. 1882-1882 (?); William 1867-1902; Margaret E. 1868 - 1895; Annie, Minnie both 1873 - 1873; Howard 1874 - 1918(?). Although four of the children did live to adulthood, there is no evidence that any of them married or had children.

Other elements of the Lewis connection:

The marriage and children of Wallace Grenville Lewis (son of George Vincent and Alice J. [Rudderham] Lewis) and Jennie Grant (daughter of Henry Grant and Susan Stacey) is described above. Elva Jackson's file mentions that Clara Lewis' husband was Russell Morrison, and they resided in Coxheath.

There were two further marriages of brothers Lewis to sisters Grant, resulting in another group of "double first cousins":

1) John Edmund Lewis (1845 - c. 1904) was the son of Frederick Lewis and Eleanor M. Pitts. In 1869, he married Caroline Elizabeth Grant (b. 1844), daughter of John H. Grant and Margaret Ann Moore. Their children, with approximate dates of birth, were: Ida Gertrude (1870), Ward (1872), Ella Florence (1874), Elmer (1876), and Frederick (1879). Caroline died in 1898, and, on 24 October 1900, John Edmund married Annie E. Rice (c. 1845 - 25 March 1932), daughter of Robert and Sarah Ingraham Rice.

Ward Lewis, son of the above, married a woman named Gillis. Their children, with dates of birth, included Vivian (c. 1900), Ida (c. 1902), Herbert (c. 1904) and Fred (c. 1905). Herbert is said by Elva Jackson to have resided in Toronto.

2) William Frederick Lewis was another son of Frederick Lewis and Eleanor M. Pitts, born 18 September 1828. He married Jane Grant (c. 1823 - 1916), another daughter of John H. Grant and Margaret Ann Moore. Their children included Augustus Theodore (b. 7 July 1855), Emma Margaret (b. c. 1862), and Irving Henry (c. 1864 - 1930). [Elva Jackson's card file contains a second card on a Captain William Lewis, known as "Little Billy", born about 1800, son of Henry Lewis (b. c. 1758), which gives details on some petitions for land in Point Edward made in 1825. This individual is also alleged to have married Jane Grant and been the father of the last two children named above. Clearly, there is some confusion of individuals here.]

Emma Margaret married Bradford Hopkins. Irving Henry married Bessie Grant Moffatt on 18 July 1904. He was lost on the vessel "Harriet", out of Portland, Maine.

Finally for known marriages between the Lewis and Grant clans, on 6 January 1898, Henry Lewis, 23, a blacksmith from North Sydney, son of William and Flora, married Mabel (May Belle?) Grant, daughter of Alfred Grant and Christie MacKay in a Presbyterian ceremony in North Sydney. Investigation of this line of descent is ongoing.

Descendants of Adam Lloyd Bayley and Henrietta Grant:

Adam Lloyd Bayley was a physician, born about 1849 in the West Indies, son of Th(omas?) and Susan. On 5 April 1876, he married Henrietta Victoria Grant, then 24, daughter of Charles Grant and Eliza Jane Ball in an Anglican ceremony in Sydney. Their children were Ivan and May.

May married John J. Matheson. This line of descent is still under investigation.

Ivan married Blanche Hacquail, a native of the island of Jersey. Their children were Eric (b. c. 1914) and Lloyd. Both had died by 1981.

"Lloyd Bayley worked with the New York Telephone Co., in New York, California and western states." (Quote from Elva Jackson's card file.) Lloyd married, and had at least one son who is connected with the U. S. space program.

Eric married Dorothy Rector of Glace Bay, and lived in the United States. Their children were Roger, Merle and Roy. The last-named died in a railway accident. Both have married, and Merle has a daughter Linda.

[Except the names of Adam's parents, all the above information comes from Elva Jackson's card file, is attributed to Douglas Matheson, and was provided about 1980.]

Children of Henry Walter Smith and Alice Mary Grant, and an oddity:

On 21 August 1878, Henry Walter Smith, 26, farmer, of Ingonish (son of James and Sarah) married Alice Mary Grant, 21, of Sydney (daughter of Charles Grant and Eliza Ball), in a Methodist ceremony in Ingonish. Adam L. Bayley (see above) and Josiah Roberts were witnesses. They resided in Ingonish, and their children included Pearl, Aubrey (b. 14 November 1879), James and Alice (b. 15 September 1884).

Connected with two of these children is a peculiarity. In 1881, Charles and Eliza resided in Ball's Creek, with a number of children. In 1891, Charles is present with several of the children, but listed as a widower, and the census record of his age contains major discrepancies (46 in 1871, 64 in 1881, 59 in 1891); Eliza is absent from the household. In 1901, Elizabeth Grant (b. 22 July 1830), a widow, was living in Ball's Creek with grandchildren Aubrey and Alice Smith. Also, the grave marker in Lakeside Cemetery indicates C. H. Grant was born in 1819 and died in 1889, Eliza Ball in 1909. Who was the Charles with the children (by then young adults) in 1891? Where was Eliza? This line of investigation will be pursued.

Connections with the Moffatt family:

As noted in Part I, Ann Grant (16 January 1786 - 1876), daughter of the pioneer Charles Grant and Nancy Gordon, married Peter Musgrave (1783-1866). Their daughter Ann Alice Musgrave (25 July 1810 - 19 February 1895) married Thomas Francis Moffatt (30 September 1807 - 17 September 1899), son of John Moffatt and Mary Molineux. Their children were: Emily (29 June 1831 - 1923), who married William Johnston on 4 December 1854; Charles William (23 October 1833 - 26 December 1838); John Peter (27 August 1836 - 21 March 1840); Peter Bartholomew (28 January 1837 - c. 1911) [see below for details of marriage]; Ann Matilda (b. 30 May 1841), who married John Gedding in January 1865; Susanna Eliza (6 December 1843 - January 1844); Charles William Wallace (1845 - 1924), who married Harriet A. Leonard on 7 July 1868; and Mary Bell (b. 1849), who married Hugh MacDonald on 29 May 1876. [This data was obtained by Elva Jackson from the Moffatt family bible in 1965, through Emma Lewis.]

Peter Bartholomew Moffatt married Emily Grant, the daughter of John H. Grant and Margaret Ann Moore. [His grandmother Ann Grant Musgrave was the older sister of Emily's father. The bride and groom were therefore first cousins once removed.] The date of their marriage is not recorded, nor does Elva Jackson have a card specifically on Peter Bartholomew Moffatt. However, there are details on two of their sons, reproduced below.

Edwin Wilson Moffatt was born about 1863 and died 8 February 1921. He married Katie MacDonald of Mira, who died 10 May 1924. Their children were: Gertrude (m. Harold Spence); Marion (m. Fred Walker); Emily (m. Neil MacLellan); Donald; Thomas (c. 1907 - 1971); Freeman; and Bessie (m. Victor Mercer). Donald, Thomas and Freeman were all married, and lived in the Chicago area.

William Johnston Moffatt (1869 - 1935) married Mary MacLean (1872 - 1949), the daughter of Thos. S. and Mary (Sulton) MacLean of Baddeck. Their children were Charles (m. Christine Gordon); Grant (m. Catherine); Earl MacLean (1904 - 1924), who died unmarried; Thomas (1908 - 1934), who was married; Mary Emily, who married first Allison Brown and second Irvin Dauphinee; and Peter, who was married.


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